Monday, June 23, 2014

Craft Jamming session on mixed media layout with journaling and doodling.

When Papier asked me to organise a scrap n crop session at the shop, I was dumbfounded for a second. I haven't been doing this for quite a while now. They were very relaxed on the theme cos they made me chose whatever I had in mind. So, mixed media it is! And I have always love journaling & doodling. I'm gonna get these girls write their own words, play with paints and some bit of doodling!

There was no specific layout to follow but i wanted these ladies to trust their own creativity when it comes to journaling and using the paints. No hard and fast rule. And not to be afraid to make mistakes, because there is no mistake in art!

Clockwise from top we have our ladies; Zarith Sofia, Elaine, Swen, Sherlyn, Alice and June, each with their own creative works.

This is a start to their own handwritten journaling and paintings on layout.

Until next time, bye!

Just Live creatively, Nida.



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