Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hi! Started doing this while waiting my in-laws to get ready for lunch today. As usual, I can't keep my hands away from pens/pencils, hence I start to doodle.

I've seen people doing mandalas and they are so beautiful. They can really make consistent shapes and swirls.. I mean.. Oh wow.... So, I decided to give it a try. This one will do for now.

Need to pack my stuffs now. We are heading home soon.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Eyes - an art journal

Hi there! Remember my previous post on the tutorial using the MS painting tools? I've also included a few of these photos below using the stippling brush and grain stripping comb. I've used these two tools to create a background for my art journal page entitled eyes. For the past few weeks, my work in the office involved staring at the computer for a long period of time. One time, I even thought I'm having a short-sightedness issue but when I went to the optician; they told me nothing was wrong with my eyes. I guess it was probably due to long exposure of the eyes to the computer screen. I had a work assignment due and right after that I had another assignment ( in fact two!) that I need to complete the middle of this week. And they are finally done. I'm happy. But not for long ...ha ha...another assignment is coming along.....sigh!

So, here's sharing with you the outcome of the art journal page that I have created and completed just last night. I journalling something about my the back of the page, I just leave some notes to remind me of this week in 2013, in years to come.

The final work on art journal page 'Eyes'.

I have used Dyslusions Stamps here. I just love them all! For the journalling, I have used Sakura Micron pen and later traced with white gel pen. I have also used Copic markers and another marker brand from Korea ( I forgot the name! ) to add colour to the girl. The girl was actually stamped onto an old dictionary page and later cut out and paste on the page. Washi tapes is by Prima.

Thanks for stopping by and leave me comments!



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tutorial on Martha Stewart painting tools

Hi there! Today, I'm going to do a simple tutorial on the Martha Stewart's various painting tools to create an art journal page. If you're not into art journal, that's completely ok. You can apply these methods to create your own scrapbook background designs too. Without further ado, let us begin.

This (below) is my art journal page, which was initially a blank white water colour paper (300gms). I have given it a brown coat of MS paint. The paint was diluted with water before I applied on the page. MS paints are really quite thick. If you prefer without much dilution, thats fine cos its entirely up to you.

Then, using the adjustable stripping brush, I have created the yellow wavy lines. ( in a picture later too). What's great about this adjustable stripping brush is's adjustable! You can design your own wavy lines by rearranging the brushes between each other. Cool eh? Ok, let us move on.

Now, I have used a green paint, dilute a little and bring it onto the edge of the top and bottom page. One edge at a time. Don't ask me why I have used green and! I guess I have extra bottles of greens that I need to rid off quick! Hehe..

Ok, then let the paint drip down by tilting your page. Make sure you have enough water to let the paint drips. Like I said before , MS paints are quite thick. Too much water, will make the paint be too runny. My trick is, lift up the paint with brush and wait until it drips. If it drips the moment you lift up the brush, then it's too much of water. If it drips, say, about 5 secs later; then you're good to go. You can see below the result of this.

Now, before the green paint dries, we will use the dragging brush to swipe the paints over. You can see the streaks of green paints over the whole page as you drag it with this brush. So cool! Let it dry a little while. You can use heat gun to dry too.

Ok, remember the first effect earlier? Below, is the adjustable stripping brush that I have used. It comes with 12 small brushes, which can be taken out to suit your designs. Tip: make sure your pallette is the flat kind or have a flat surface so that you can sweep off equal paints on all the brushes. You will know what I mean when you try it. Lol!

For the effects below, I have used the patterning brush set, which comes with 4 different designs. If you can see, I have used the glitter paint with this brush and applied it onto my art journal page.

Well, and lastly, here's how the final art journal turned out to be. I've added stamping, doodling and journalling to finalize my art journal page. As usual, i always have a reason why I create an art journal page and this time, it is about the latest meteor that hits Russia. That streaks of green paints somehow reminds me of the light streaks that the meteor made as it glides onto the atmosphere. Perfect!


Oh ..and... a bonus post down here..hehe...can't help it to share with you another tool that I find very very cool! The stippling brush and the grain stripping comb. See the effects below when you dab some paints onto the stippling brush and twist it as you apply on your page.

And just look at the effects given by the grain striping comb. Just swipe the paint with it and voila! You get awesomeness! Lol!

Bigger 'tooth' on this one below.

Ok folks. Yeap, I'm really signing off now. Hehe..

Don't be afraid to get messy ok! Have fun playing with your paints!

See you next time. Ciao!


Monday, February 18, 2013


Can't sleep! Its a war out there! I mean, it's a fire-cracker war out there. So, sharing with you here now my zentangle. I was playing with my son when we were having a drink at a cafe one day and I traced both of his hands onto my moleskine journal. That night, I started to draw the zentangles starting off with the fish scales. Looks like mehndi (henna) eh, but in a pretty weird designs - unlike the usual ones? lol!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

DT paints demo at Papier

Hi there! Yesterday, I had a lot of fun doing the demo on paints at Papier. Each one of the DT is responsible for doing a demo on a product and mine was on Martha Stewart paints. I had sorta butterflies in my stomach before the session cos' I didn't really have a clue on what I was going to do. Surprisingly, as it turned out, the idea just came in smoothly as I sat down on the chair and hold the brush.

I have invited her ( below ) to be the model again. Lol! Obviously, I'm very inspired by her. Those are the bottles of MS paints that I get to play with during the demo. And, wow! I get to play with all the other tools as well!

This one below is one of my favourite. Just swipe the toothed comb on the paints and you get great texture effects! I love em!

I have asked the girls working at the store for some ideas on the title for the canvas. They were shy usual. Hence, I decided to dedicate theis canvas to them; being the Papier girl. Lol!

I've promised that I need to work some more on the canvas below. It's not completely 'complete' in my eyes. All the work below is using paints. For the stencil, I have actually used a paint dabber and applied the paints onto it. I think the result is really cool. Love love!

Once I was done with the canvas above, I had like half an hour extra to go..hehe so I did some experiments with various tools from Martha Stewart that we have at the store. Here, I have used the grain stripping comb ( toothed comb), the patterning brush set, the paint dabber and natural sponge. I have also used white texture on the upper right hand corner of the design. I had so much of fun!

Ok peeps! Thanks for stopping by! See ya again next time.

Wait for my new zentangle! Hehe...


Monday, February 11, 2013

a fish life - zentangle

a fish life..that's my new zentangle. While I was waiting for my Ikan bakar to arrive, I had a bit of time to start on my new zentangle. We had Ikan siakap tiga rasa, Ikan merah Bakar amongst other seafood items, so, it was only natural that my sketch at that time would be on something from the sea. And there it is. Fish.

This zentangle is featuring a fish life. You can see fishing trawl, giant kelps ( can you spot them?), sea plants, sea bed, sea waves and swirling currents. I remember these well during my scuba diving years, except got the giant! I don't think we have giant kelps in the Malaysian waters. Do we? Hmmm...

Thanks for stopping by! See ya' next time.



Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Whirlpool - zentangle

Hi there! I'm currently waiting for my 'ikan bakar' to be served. We are eating out today at a famous (or so we heard) ikan bakar restaurant in Kuala Selangor. The queue was incredibly long and once the order was placed, we now have to wait for the cooking. Another long wait. Sigh!

So, here's sharing my new zentangle I did last couple of nights. Whirlpool.

Hope you like it!



She - art journal



Hi there. A new art journal from me using acrylic paints by Daler Rowney, distress inks by Ranger, stencils by TCW ( Balzer's ), brads by MME, alpha stickers by WPs and ephemeras by Glitz.

I love how the ultramarine blue from DR stands out from the page. I was hesitant to use it at first but then, oh well, how bad can it be...!? Glad that it turned out great, to me! I could even add some journalling using my white gel pen. Great!

I've never used brads before in my art journal. This is the first! Lol!

I wanted to do the eyes, nose and mouth. In the end ( after staring at the blank face for quite a few minutes! Hehe), I decided to use Webster's Pages alpha stickers on the face. Cool.

Doodled on this one too....can you spot them?

Ok folks! To those celebrating, Gong Xi FA Cai! May you have a prosperous year ahead!


Friday, February 8, 2013

My zentangle

Hi peeps! Feels like sharing with you my zentangle / zendoodle completed last night. I couldn't sleep so I continued with this and after it was done, I still couldn't sleep! Lol!

I love doing this. Teaches me to be patience. I think... Hehe.

Stay tune for more! Ciao!


Monday, February 4, 2013

Gwyneth - art journal

Hi friends. This is my 2nd post of the day. Yes that's right! I'm just waiting for the traffic to subside and here in a cafe having ice peach tea while blogging.

I like Gwyneth Paltrow though I don't really follow her movies. She's so sweet and classy to me. I have used her head for this art journal ( hehe!) along with Dyslusions awesome stamps. Perfect match! Lol!

I created the background first with paints on stencils. Then, I stamped using archival ink and add the head, which I have cut out from a magazine. I wanted to get a bigger head but maybe next time... And someone else's head. Then, I just journaled few lines below her skirt.

I was kinda low of mojjo and this is my 2nd art piece after I had totally destroyed the first one! I even journaled the word 'low mojo' on that page! Lol!

Thanks for stopping by! See ya soon!


Genie in a bottle

Hi friends. I love to sketch though I know that I am not really good at it. This one was done when I was on my bed one night waiting for my son to fall asleep. Somehow, she turned out looking like an Indian lady. Maybe it was the Thaipusam festival recently. I use a phone apps to create this effect; with her being the Genie in the bottle.

Sometime you'll never know that when you are drawing something freely, you would probably unconsciously picturing what's in your mind. Like this one for example. Why would I want to do her in a bottle? Perhaps something within me, which is in need to be leash out and let free? Maybe. { twilight zone music in the air }

See ya next time. Thanks for stopping by!




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