Friday, April 26, 2013

Who is she? - art journal


Yeap. I just sketched her right out of my mind that evening. I don't know she is or who she might look like. All I know, I want her hair to be long and blown by the wind. She wants to be left alone so I didn't add anything else on the page except her alone.

This, I think, is my first portrait / human sketch after such a long time. Probably way back in the 90's! I never took any class and I do not know if there's a guide to draw someone's eyes, lips and nose. I just did what I think was right. No pressure cos I'm not an artist anyway.. Ha ha...I guess you can tell that from the shape of her nose. I need to improve.

I love doing eyes the most cos once complete, it's as if someone else is looking back at you.


She had such a long neck in the beginning. In my Instagram, I wrote "oh my! What a long neck you have Grandma!" cries Red Riding Hood. Lol!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WIP. She?

I don't who she is. Just sketching a face from my mind. It has been ages since I did a face or portrait. But I love doing it and seeing someone transforms from thin lines of my pencils is really a good therapy.

The third entry in my art journal. Still in progress.

Mixed media layout on fabric canvas

Hello! Sharing with you today a mixed media project on a 12x12 fabric canvas using lots of Glimmer Mists by Tattered Angels and Distress Paints by Ranger.

I sketched the girl first and doodled flowers and leaves for the hair. Here, I have only used my fabric sharpies to colour the flowers, leaves and hair. Add on the Sunrise and Sunset metals by Prima for her hair. The canvas was stenciled (Prima) with Distress Paints. I have also used a sequin waste or punchinella with orange distress paints.

Then, add on the flowers by Prima and wooden chippie leaves by Kaisercraft. I have also used Webster's Pages bloomers at the base for these flowers and bit of ribbon lace. The white lace was first distressed with distress ink by Ranger before I secured it to the flowers. I have added also the Sunrise Sunset metals by Prima, which were all painted with a combination of distress paints, acrylic ink and alcohol ink ( a bit of experimenting going on!)

I have used a large wooden chippie tree by Kaisercraft, which was first coloured with distress paints using a brush. I added more highlights on the leaves using an acrylic paint in green.

The word Unique was distressed with Ranger's Distress Paints too.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Back to nature...

Hi there! I think I had a blissful Saturday. We spent most of the mornings outdoor in the garden and DS showed his talent at gardening by helping out Atok (grandpa) and Nenek ( grandma) with the plants. That's when he will become the best of friends with Atok. Lol! Funny guy!

Sharing few photos of last weekends' activities just outside our door.

(Remember the previous post on the leaves that seems undecided to live or die? This one has yellow markings starting from the edge)

(Should have rotate the picture. Lol! Love the purple!)

( I think this rose is dying. Is it?)

(Mom called this the 'kesidang' flower. You would probably know it better as day lily. It was just starting to bloom when I took this picture.)
(Ahah! Managed to capture this guy busily eating another fella !)

( looks like banana leaves but it's not)

( tiny fan-like leaves with black stems)

(This is bougainvillea. Always have that small white flower in every bunch)

( don't you think this one looks like leather skin?)

( oh hi Mom! Busy nampak?!)

( the leaves sprout at alternate heights.. work of nature!)

( better view here on how the leaves sprouts from the stem at alternate distance and height.)
(The youngs sprouts from the edge of the older ones. Cool eh?)
(The master gardener, my father and his little assistant. )
(Combo of red and yellows)
(White and purple)
( all white )

( oh, and now the little assistant is in full view. Complete with gloves and all....)

(Lime tree)

(This one is big!)

( a big help to my father he was on that day. So he told me... Lol!)

Okay, that's all I have to share. Thanks for the patience to read this far.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Leaves around the house

Hello. It's 'botanical' post! These are some of the plants my parents planted around the house. They love gardening. I wish I could say the same for me. I haven't tried really, so, can't say if I won't enjoy it.

Love the structure of the plant above. It is a strong and sturdy plant. Able to withstand even the hottest sun and coldest nights ( in Malaysia ).
This one above looks like a leave from the Jurassic era. A giant. Look at how well the structures are. Almost like you can see the foods and water are being pumped through the veins. It's quite thick. Maybe almost the same size as a Velociraptor footprints maybe?
This one looks as if its undecided to live or die. Very unique color distribution where off from the midribs, the colour is light pink and yellow and then green towards the edge.

This one has many thin long leaves sprouted from the stems at alternate heights. Lovely.

These are just some of the plants leaves I managed to capture last weekend. I'll try to take some more photos. It's amazing that beauty and gracefulness is all around you when you just stop and try to look at it better. And I just wonder where have I been when these lovely stuffs are just outside my door?

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Flowers in our garden

Hello and Happy Thursday. Sharing with you the lovely flowers around the house.
These are planted by my parents. Occasionally, my parents would go to Sg Buloh to buy plants. Sg Buloh is a place quite near our home where it's famous for selling all sorts of plants and potteries. I'm not a 'green' person but I noticed that as I get older, I tend to look more at the trees and the flowers and even the skies. Okay..minus the sky cos that's been my habit ever!
So, feast your eyes to the colours below!
(Photos taken through my iPhone ..).
Next posting will be on leaves!



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