Saturday, January 25, 2014

a sketch in my art journal

Another new entry in my art journal. I didn't do a whole face but bits and pieces one at a time. I was just testing my skill since I am not a trained artist. I'm not even sure if I was born with an artistic skills. But, I guess...maybe just a little bit... Lol!

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See ya'

Sketch in my art journal - Loki

Hmm... I'm kinda into Loki in Thor 2. I can understand his agony even in the first movie. Deep down, he is a nice guy. Really. He's just trapped in a world where he doesn't belong to biologically and learned that he's the son of the enemy. Being an intense person as he is, how else could he take the news.
And Tom. Oh Tom hiddleston. He's just an icing to the cake. Lol! He has such a magnificent personality with contagious laugh, deep sexy voice...and tall, and cute. Lol!
So, here's a tribute to both Loki and Tom. I did this in a couple of hours before I go to bed one night.

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See ya'.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sketch in my art journal - Malaysian singer songwriter

Another sketch I did last night before going to bed. Her face is a bit longer than  it should... Anyways.. Next post will be Loki. My favourite villain in a movie. Of course.. Tom Hiddleston too... Eheheh


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Watercolour in my art journal

A watercolour sketch I did recently during the weekend. I've used my mobile Koi watercolours here and loving it. I'm starting to ignore the tubes ones that I have at home ... I better start using them before they start to collect dust and make me feel guilty for purchasing them..

Sketch in my art journal

I did this a couple of nights ago just before going to sleep. I had a good start until towards the end I get too sleepy and the mouth turns out thicker than I wished. Haha...


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