Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 2010 - Current paper project


This is just a snapshot of what comes out from my mind for Faiz's 4th birthday card. The theme is Ultraman.
Colours: Red / Blue / Silver (with mostly being red). The photo here is a preliminary design; just to see if what I had in mind comes out as how I wanted it. Almost there, but I need to do few adjustments here and there. The sliding paper has to be of thicker material or otherwise it will not slide back nicely. It's going to be quite a small card; about 11 x 15cm. I haven't got the idea for the background design yet, but most probably just words of ultraman monsters and the ultraman itself. I will publish the final product later!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

This is one of the many papers that I managed to get at Kaiser store during our trip to Melbourne early this year. I was so happy that they were on sale and it was all the 'borong' time for me! Picked up a few stamps as well though a bit different than the ones I am used to (Hero-Arts) but nevertheless; a stamp is still stamp! Oh yeah, and they had great embellishments on sale too. This was indeed a REAL shopping to me! 
Will try to post more of my papers collection next time. Ciao!

Yet again, another very simple layout by me... (well, like people say; simplicity carried to the extreme becomes elegance?). A picture of my son who at that time refused to look at the camera and inseparable with the pacifier! He was in a pretty bad mood. We were cruising towards the Taronga Zoo and had such a memorable day!
This is a very simple layout, which I did for our trip to Sydney, Australia in 2009. I have also used Hero-Arts stamp  (see the small and big dotted circles). The picture was taken during our visit to The Rocks, near Circular Quay. It was where I bought my big cowboy hat! Yeeehaaa!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Need to Make Time!!

It's 6pm and I'm still here in the office! I can't wait to start on my scrappy works online...I just bought few craft papers during lunch time and already have in mind for my next scrap project! There is a birthday party coming soon and need to work out on a new design for the card. Should be fun! I will post it soon! Ciao!

Monday, October 4, 2010


This isn't really my first time blogging. I have been a scrapbooking fan since the birth of my son, Faiz in 2006.
In fact, I have started scrapping way back in the 80's; but just a little bit different. When I went to browse the scrapbook pages on the web, I was full of admiration on how beautiful their creations are. Truly inspiring. 
I wish I could do the same. So now, I would like to continue to be active in scrapbooking again (hopefully!!). 
And, I do hope to gain new friends in this wide-world of scrapbooking! Ciao!


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