Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Late night sketch in my art journal

Newest entry in my art journal last night. I have used Prismacolour pencils entirely. Love it. I'm going to do more soon.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Sketch in my art journal - Prismacolour

Another sketch using entirely coloured pencils by Prismacolour. They are just awesome tools! My kinda candy!

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Sketch in my art journal

A new sketch during the short holiday somewhere up north of Malaysia recently. Used mainly Faber Castell pencils; my favourite pencil still.

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

New entry in art journal

Hi there. Been a while since my last blog entry. I had trouble changing the format. For some reason, it failed to comply to my request. I let it be .. until I can figure it out.


Anyways, just sharing my latest doodling in my small art journal. I have used Sakura Graphic pen here and I loved it. A very simple doodling.... Nothing much... Trees and leaves... they are all around us. Imagine if the world is without!


Thanks for stopping by! I'll do another entry soon on my project life and how I'm keeping up with it!


Friday, November 1, 2013

Catching up with my Project Life

Yeap. Gotta lotsa catching up to do. I live doing PL but I just don't have the time ... Guilty. So here are some of the snapshots and the photos are in random dates. Hehe.... I need to do my art journal now too. Been ages... Ugh! 

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Paints and doodle on canvas

Hi there. This is an art piece; painted by my son with some help from Grandma and finally doodled on by me. Can't think of a title for this but I guess "Camouflage" suits it fine. Hehe..
This is a big piece. So, it took him quite some time to paint the whole piece. He used every colours that I have from my Daler Rowney's and a few from Martha Stewart. He was quite restless in the beginning; maybe thinking that this is such a big piece to work on. Midway, he became more focused and "gentle" to my brushes...( lol!) ..thank god for that! Grandma helped out in "closing" the gaps. Once dried, I simply doodled on the canvas using my Faber Castell pens.
So, now I have an art piece; shared by 3 generations...and I don't know where it should go in the house.... Lol! ( and still thinking to do another one...hahaha...)


Friday, September 27, 2013

New smaller art journal

This art journal is by Dylusions. I have a bigger version, still have empty pages to work on. This smaller version is easier to carry with me when I'm travelling. The title of this one is " Lookis & Toolis" and what it means is Write and Draw. It's not quite properly spelled....hehee... ( Lukis & Tulis, it should be..)

I started off this journal while I was in Pangkor island recently. ( see my previous post) . Lovely place.


(The front cover. Quite not there yet.)

( the first journalling...I like it that an not really THE END)
( our view from the room)
( ramblings...!)

All using watercolours and a water brush.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island.

An island on the west coast of Malaysia. Never thought I would like this place. I've always been fond of the islands on the east coast. Lovely place to relax and unwind.

Below, the view fronting our room.

Quite windy when we arrived.
Big palm trees(?) at the back.
Lovely colours.
Me and my DS.
Bright pink.
Hornbill flyby.
Breakfast time for the hornbills.
Posing for the camera.
Hungry bird.
Lovely details.
The whole leaves on the trees are infested with holes.... Disease?
Well, money does grow on trees, ya' know..
Feel the coolness...
Candid by DS
Candid by me.
Candid by DS..again...

Come visit Pangkor. You won't regret it!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Art Journal on Yuna's interactive music video!

Yayy! Finally I have found Yuna's music video that has my art journal in it. Thanks to a cousin of mine, Ana, for spotting this.

I think it happened more than a year ago when I was told that Yuna's production or management group wanted to borrow some craft items from the Papier store and this art journal was one of them. I even got paid for this! Lol!

Months passed by and though I was quite curious if they did really use my art journal, I didn't really look for it. I have watched this video a couple of times but I didn't notice it at all!

One day, my cousin wanted to have a look at some of my art journals and I told her about this one. I flipped through the pages to show her and whoaa!...there was a photo of a man ( Yuna's ex-boyfriend ) on one of the page! I never realized it when I took back the art journal home with me after having displayed at Papier for a while.

So, here it is, a snapshot of the moments in the video where you can see my art journal on the table...hehehe..... So funny actually....

Later, I met Yuna personally at her concert in Istana Budaya and brought that page to be exclusively autographed by her! What fun!

Yup, that's the art journal on her right!

See, that's the photo of her ex! I still keep it as it is.

The front cover of the art journal.

Below is the page autographed by her!

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