Monday, May 28, 2012

An Intriguing creature at Bakun

Saw this intriguing insect when i was visiting Bakun. It was very still, not dead but just oblivious to the people walking around. Cool!



Sunday, May 27, 2012

How to make use of your Zutter waste - sharing is caring


Hi there! For today's post, I would like to share an idea that can be used to any of your creations. Do you often use the Zutter binder? Do you just throw away the waste? Well if you look closely enough, you'll see that I have used the Zutter waste and decorate it onto the lady's cone head. You can spritz colours onto it if you wish to have a darker shade; it's really entirely up to you.

It's very simple. Take out the Zutter waste, arrange them on the surface you wish to create and just add on mod podge to glue and seal. Voila! An added texture to your creations by just using the waste from your Zutter binder!

Have fun trying!

Thanks for stopping by! Ciao!

P/s:I'm so looking forward to be doing my next journal but since my crafting room is till being invaded by the stuffs from the next room, sigh.....I'll just have to wait for a lil' bit longer...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Home Sweet Home - a whimsical theme mini album


Hola! Here's a whimsical theme mini album; given to me to play with by Scrapbook Memories. The kit came with all sorts of stuffs like trinkets, rub-ons, chipboard stickers, metal charms..woww..and all of the same theme. Mostly from Bo Bunny.

I used to do a lot of whimsical theme crafts but I guess my crafts preference is always evolving. But one thing for sure, I always have my eyes on grunge, vintage, brown, black, deep red, worn, torn, distressed..and the list goes on. So Choo, if you are reading this (hehehe!), these are some hints for you! *wink*wink*

On the front cover of this album, I have used the trinkets packaging; cleaned the sides and put in small plastic flowers and a butterfly before I glued it on. It's like a shaker..( is there any other name for such thing?)

Empty spaces for journalling purpose.

I've tied in the metal charm bird cage with twine to the mini album.

I've drawn myself the eye of the miss birdie with pretty eyelashes.

On the above, I have doodled on the edge of the flower shaped page and also created a wing-like doodling on the blue bird. It starting to look like a fish now. Lol!

aaahh....I have also doodled the word love on the wing.

Lastly, I have added the Dymo label " A house is not a home if you are not in it" . The tiny love shaped stickers resembles the smoke coming out from the chimney.

Ok, this one above is the back cover of the mini album. These two birds are negotiating on who will finally get the cherries. ( hahaha...).

Thanks for stopping by! Ciao!

P/s: I think I'm gonna be slow in crafting in the next few weeks cos our house is under minor renovation and my father has dumped quite a lot of stuffs in my crafting room and I can hardly enter. We'll see....

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tags for Bookmarks

Hola! Hope you are in the best of health! As for me, well, been busy with mostly work and a little bit of crafting. My cousin came over to the house to collect her wedding guest book. She was delighted. I was so glad. Thank goodness when she said that it fits her exact requirements. Ha ha. So,let's see how the book is going to be filled up this Saturday night.

Today's post is on tags for bookmarks. Ordered by another cousin, who's soon will be having a farewell party with her closest friends.I'm not quite sure where she will be moving next. Have not fully understand the details from her. Bu I do know somehow that she's moving up the career path.

These bookmarks were requested to be done with a simple specific theme to them. Flora & Fauna. She's into elephants and Orang Asli (Ana, you do right?). I think she must have been to the elephants sanctuary in Kuala Gandah and the Orang Asli villages numerous times. I didn't get to ask her in details of her interesting work cos we are both busy mommies. lol! Whenever she dropped by our house with her 2 year old plus son; she would be busy chasing him around. Ha ha. But I can judge from the last visit, you do have a bit more time now yes? No? Lol!

Anyways Ana,I do hope you like these bookmarks I have created with the flora and fauna theme in mind. I like them too.I'm a flora & fauna enthusiast too myself but in a more subtler way. Hehe...not A hard core like her. Why not?? I even cried watching Jungle Book! ( weird, does that count? But my hubby thinks that I'm such a weirdo). I cried watching "I forgot the name" movie about a wild fox with his young master who's a gold miner. Let me see if can recall the title. I got sad when i watch those artic dogs pulling the sledge ( though maybe they are having fun after all!).

Say no to animal slavery! ( but I guess that last bit on arctic dogs is not animal slavery after all, is it?)

Besides the flora & fauna theme, she also wanted me to add 'words of wisdom'-(ayat2 power gitu...haaa....nahh kau!hehe...). Like the one below ' No birds soars too high if he soars with his own wings'. Any takers to that?

This one below is my personal favourite.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a nice day! Ciao!

(p/s: have a heavy task tonight to prepare something for a last minute Teachers day celebration at my son's kindie! How could they informed us at the very last minute! Anyways, we'll see....)

Materials used:

Inks: Distress inks, colour wash-rangers

Texture paste: Martha S

Dies: Tim Holtz

Stamps: Stampers anonymous

Flowers: Prima

Buttons: various suppliers

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Piece of an art journal

Hi there! Another piece in my crazy journal. In this book, I do many things. More like experimenting. Here is where I tried to go beyond. But today, I think I just would like to share with you a piece of it. One day, I'll show you the rest of my crazy works inside and the rest of them.

I like the quote 'There is no mistake in art'. It all depends on one's interpretation. So I guess, this book is my interpretation of art besides it being an experimental platform for me to grasp inspiration.

So, enjoy art. Live life and make it counts.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Love - a photo frame

Hi there! I bought a few of this Ikea frames quite some time back. I just love this frame. You can neatly tuck in flowers, embellishments inside without them collecting dust later; though they are kinda bulky. This is my last one and thinking of getting another tomorrow.

So today, I want to share a new one from me entitled Love. An old photo of me and my mother. I was probably around 3-4 years old. (quality of photo isn't that good cos of the lighting and glass covering on the frame!). This was during a birthday party for me and my two cousins.

Apart from doing some craft works, a day time job; I have a new task in hand. I am now scanning all the old photos in a way to better preserve them. You know how old photos are like. Yellowish as they aged. Though it seems pretty daunting a task, I really need to start slowly and steadily on it; before I can't even see who's who in the photos. In this way too, I will have more photos to use for my craft projects. Lol!

A bit on this frame. Papers are mostly from Webster's Pages; from the old range and the new one. Apart from the flowers -Prima and the resin white shabby frame- Melissa Frances; all the other embellies are from Webster's Pages. I've not used any paints here ( no wonder my hands feel itchy when I was doing this - feels strange without inks or paints ) except for the Dimensional Paint Pearl by Ranger.

I wish can do this for a lot more photos. It's really fun when the soon you've decided to use which photo, you then start looking at which papers to use to create its own special story. Special to you.

It's 10:37pm now and as long as I'm awake, the little one will too since he knows tomorrow is holiday!. So, I'm gonna have to pretend to be sleepy, switch of the lights and zzzz away. I'll wake up when I'm sure he's already asleep to do more crafting. Lol!

Thanks for stopping by! Ciao!


Hurting finger

Just uploaded this on Instagram today. Loving insta and pinterest of late.

Wanna see how this mobile blogging works too on d blog.

Story of a hurting finger. Thought it was arthritis or something but doc said could possibly due to repetitive injury caused by constant use of the computer mouse. Injury at work! How's that! Kewl!

Wonder if can claim ze' compensation! lol! It's causing daily discomfort and gets worst when it's cold. Poor lil' finger.

Anyways, enough ramblings and I need to resume work cos I wanna go home early today and do some shopping! yippee... ( mr hubby, if u read this; no not buying anything larr.. Window shop jer ). *wink*



Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sea of Love - an altered canvas


Hola! For this week at Papier, I have completed an altered canvas project entitled 'Sea Of Love'

. Whenever I do a project like this, I always like my work to tell a little bit of story. For this project, I have used a cut-out of a lady looking so forlorn waiting for his lover who has sailed far away. I happened to have WP's paper with several yachts on it and a paper from Prima with a lady looking forlorn as if waiting sadly for something or someone. I guess by combining them both; I came out with a short sad story. A lady waiting in vain for his lover who has sailed far away in his yacht.

A bit of painting here and there and also cutting.

A very simple project from me. Anyone can whipped this one out in no time at all.



See you again next time! Ciao!

Materials used:

Papers: Webster's Pages and Prima

Paint: Martha Stewart and gesso

Designer trim(white tulle): Webster's Pages

Flowers: Prima

Glass bead gel: Golden

Bird cage die-cut: Tim Holtz

Sparklers: Webster's Pages

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Unusual Oddities - an odd journal

Hi there! Here's an odd journal, which is meant to document on any unusual! Wonder what I'll write in here. I have problem with grey papers. Can't seem to use it for my scrapbook layouts or even cards. Hence, I've decided to do a journal out of them.

A rather simple one again. I've left empty space for the journalling later. Patterned papers are mainly from Graphic 45.

I've used a die cut from Tim Holtz for the closure of this journal and a magnet to secure it to the cover.

Distress ink on a chain-link fence stencil by TCW.

I've also used metal hinges on the spine of this journal.

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tune for my altered canvas frame tomorrow entitled 'Sea of Love'.


A Creative Muse - chipboard journal


Hola! How are you today? Hope you are in the best of health.

Today's post is on journalling on chipboard. It was given to me to play with by Scrapbook Memories. I had them painted at first with black gesso, white gesso, sprayed with Colour wash and lots more. Finally, I decided to cover 'em all up. What a waste to those inks! I thought that it would be better if I can get rid of old stocks of Kaisercraft papers that I bought 3 years ago from a craft warehouse in Moorabbin. So there they are! I didn't cover the front and back page though. Thought that it's better to leave them raw.
As you can see, I did a lot of stamping! using Tim Holtz's stamps and also from Graphic 45, 7 Gypsies as well as Hero Arts. I created the lines for journalling in white and black as above.
The pages above are smeared with colour wash by Ranger.
And so is this one on the left. Journalling lines are added again in black. On the right, I have created a pocket to slot in tags and etc.
And the back cover above, which is left raw. It was stamped, heat embossed with enamels, stenciled with distress inks and sprayed with colour wash by Ranger. And a bit of doodling if you look close enough. Hehe...
Notice anything peculiar about this page?

And lastly, instead of rings, I have used polka dot ribbon and beaded string (Daiso) to secure the pages together. Simple.

Thanks for stopping by! Ciao!

Materials used:

Chipboard journal: Kaisercraft

Papers: Kaisercraft

Stamps: Tim Holtz, Graphic45, 7 Gypsies, Hero Arts

Inks: Archival ink, distress inks, Colour wash by Ranger; embossing enamel by Shimmerz

Stencils: TCW and sequine waste

Punch: Martha Stewart

Sunday, May 13, 2012

You and Me - a frame (3D)


Hola! Today's post is on Ikea's frame cluttered with Webster's Pages papers and embellishments. A Mother's Day gift for my mother.

It's a photo of my mom and Faiz during his first birthday party. Space & astronaut was the theme. My son is named after the 2 astronauts from Malaysia; ( and as handsome as Muzaffar). hahaha....if a mother can choose a profession for her child, I would definitely go for anything on space exploration or astronomy.

I have used here paper from the WP's Everyday Poetry collections and some embellies from In Love. The bird cage was cut out from the paper and adhered to the frame using cardboard for a raised effect.

Thanks for stopping by! Ciao.

Next is canvas frame. Stay tune!

Of knitting and crochet

Hi there! This post is dedicated to my mother.

Isn't the bootie too cute? No, I didn't make that. My mom did. She's a very talented lady. And she is absolutely superb when it comes to knitting and crocheting. I have never asked my mom on how and when she actually started, but I remember when I was small; she made me the prettiest red cardigan ever! When I went abroad to study; whoaaa... I have loads of knitted sweaters, mufflers, mittens, gloves, hats in my trunk!

My mom has all kinds of crochet and knitting books, even in Japanese. According to her, the European ones are easier to understand whilst the Japs uses lots of diagrams. I'm not sure what she really meant. She taught me to knit once and I remember these words..." knit and perl " (or was it pearl?). I only went as far as a muffler cos that's the most basic and It was a monotonous design. Even that, I did it half way through. Lol!

(above is a close shot of the baby bonnet - I love the pattern!. It would look so much better if I had used my macro lens...haha. She finished this one off with a cute pink ribbon)

I pestered my mom to make me these crochet doilies for my scrapbook ..hehehe...we went to the bookstore one day to find new designs since it has been quite a long time she did one. Normally, for crochet, she would do the table spread, chairbacks, and even my tumbler carrier ( when I was in the kindie).

My mom knows which is the best material to use for her creation for example, she would choose the softest wool to knit baby booties, bonnet, cardigan or even mittens. And they are normally expensive!

I wish I can knit and crochet just like her. Deep inside, I still hope that I can learn these skills from her ( when I have enough time and!). Above all, she's the greatest mother in the whole wide universe!

Happy Mother's Day!

And next, i'm going to post my work on an Ikea frame. Ciao!


Friday, May 11, 2012

Happiness - a scrapbook layout


Hi there! Hope you are all in great happiness.

I attended a conference the other day and it was about sustainable fuel for energy. They talked about how we should no longer be dependable on fossil fuel and should embark on harnessing the energy from the biomass, which as in the case of Malaysia, is of great abundance. They also talked on how important it is to manage our waste; particularly our domestic waste and how our mentalities should also change for a better environment.

It's good now that we have a No Plastic Day and the people are forced not to use plastics or else they have to pay for it. I think we should just ban plastics on a certain day; at least for a beginning. A serious beginning. So what has this got to do with my layout? Well, nobody will be happy if you don't have clean water to drink and clean air to breathe. So, is money everything eventually? Who knows, maybe in the near future; those with money can pay for a more cleaner air and water. How cruel that would be. Maybe those with money can afford to live in a specially constructed dome that supply clean air. Just like in the movies. Hehe...

This layout is entitled Happiness. When I see him, I'm always happy. This is just how I want him to be; surrounded by healthy clean air and water, and beautiful trees and flowers.

I doodle the word happiness on the edge of the cardstock.

Thanks for stopping by! Ciao!

Materials used:

Cardstock: American Crafts

Pp: Webster's Pages

Lace: Designer Trim by Webster's Pages

Fern chippie: Dusty Attic - so in love with this!

Shabby chic resin bird cage: Prima

Chipboard sticker: Prima


Thursday, May 10, 2012

We are never alone - a scrapbook layout

We are never alone - a map to the celestial heavens

Hola! Today's layout is simple and it's about the celestial heavens. I'm actually inspired by a work by Shahrul Niza from Such a Pretty Canvas on her Super Moon journal. I'm glad that she opens up a link tool for this. Lol! And I'm glad that I can share this one passion of mine now.

I have always been a fan of Astronomy 101... Hehe... and now that I have my son who seems to share the same interest with me (even though he's just 6!), I am just delighted. We always look up to the sky at night especially when it's clear and look for the Orion, Sirius, Capella, Venus , Jupiter etc etc. Now, he knows how Orion looks like and he knows the name of its brightest stars like the supergiant Betelguese and Rigel. He is able to recognize Venus; for it always being the brightest at night. We always talked about what's beyond this and the galaxy of ours.

My son's first knowledge of the galaxy wasn't actually from me. Ha ha. Guess what!? Yeahh.. He's an ardent fan of the Ultraman series! If you are following the Ultraman series (really?!!), you would know that these Ultramans come from a galaxy called the M78. And! M78 does exis and it's just within the Orion constellation
( err...if my memory serves me well lah )

{don't worry, I always ask this question too!-and I BELIEVE that we are never alone out here. Is there another Asgard out there?
Another Jotunheim maybe? }

To top it all, we are also fans of mostly the alien movies. My long time favourite was always the X-Files! I would love being Det. Scully and work along Mulder, ohhh yess...! The search for the ancient astronauts...aliens.....woohoo....( ok, now I'm being weird )

For this layout, I am so compelled to use a photo that I have been keeping for so long. It's a photo of my late grandfather, who was a land surveyor standing behind our late 1st PM (TAR). This photo was taken when they wanted to decide the direction of Qiblat for the National Mosque in KL. And..hehe.., I'm assuming that they have gone a lil' bit further by zooming in on the moon as! The Super Moon!

My grandfather was a very disciplined man and stern when it comes to education. I remembered him being a collector of books; all kinds of books. I remembered him teaching me the trigonometry, the Pythagoras and etc.hehe.. I remembered how difficult it was for him to understand the Malay terms in maths since at his time; it was all in English.

{can you see the Orion constellation? And that's the red supergiant - Betelguese and in reality; i think it's more than a hundred times bigger than our Sun!. How cool is that! - ok, call me weird but i think it's so cool! )

" aaahh...yes Ahmad! The moon is so big from here" - I think this is what TAR would say to my grandfather if they were really zooming in on the moon and the stars! Were they?

A bit on this layout now. I have used a Papyrus that I have been keeping for about 15 years. It's one of my Preciousssss. I used to go to a museum in Manchester and buy all sorts of Egyptians stuffs. Have you ever wondered who really built the Pyramids with such great precision??

I have also used the Spinner from Tim Holtz's Ideology and placed it as a compass at the centre of the layout. The metal key is from Kaisercraft and the fabric measuring tape is Prima's.

So, there you are. The story of the moon and the stars.

Thanks for stopping by! Ciao!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Wedding guest book

Hi there! Weddings. Goosebumps. Hehe... Done that! I remember the goosebumps I had when the wedding day is closer. Have I done this? Have I done that? Did I miss out any relatives? ( actually I left that to my!). Yes, it was total hectic and headache to get things organized, to get people organized, going through the checklist and stuffs...anyway, that was history. Don't wanna repeat that again...( but wouldn't mind being treated like a queen again with people doing my hair and make ups ) hehe

When a cousin asked me if I could do a wedding guest book; I was partly excited and worried. Excited in a way that I get to craft something for her wedding day but also worried that my choice of materials might not be of her liking. I can't really figure out her taste. After consulting with her on the choice of colours and the extent of designing the guest book to meet her requirements; things started to get simpler and more in perspective.

She is a simple person in nature. She doesn't like much pink and too many frills ( this she confessed!). She likes to document life ( I know this cos she carries around with her a Dslr; cos I do too; sometimes..hehe).

So here it is, finally , a wedding guest book that compliments it all! Ooohhh... I do hope she likes it! ( harus Huda...kalau tak pengsan I!)

The patterned papers and designer trims ( pleated white tulle ) that I have used here are all from Webster's Pages.They are just so suitable for wedding theme projects, I believe; what's more with the new In Love la la....
Flowers are from Prima.

To accentuate the wedding guest book a lil' bit further, I've tied in a pink (whoops..I guess a lil' bit of pink won't hurt la..) velvet ribbon, lace and a string of pearls on the ring binder.

Hopefully, when the time comes, this book is going to be filled with good wishes, love and advices from the all the guests. Maybe later after the wedding, she can add in little pieces of mementos and photos that will remind them in the future of that very special day.

Congratulations Huda and may you be blessed with a happy married life and many children...hehehe...( get ready for the sleepless nights gurl! Err.. I mean with the kids yaw!)

Thanks for stopping by! Ciao!




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