Tuesday, July 30, 2013

for the little one...


Here's a simple mini accordion card I did for a cousin who just delivered a baby boy couple of weeks ago. Owhhh...he's such a cutie pie!

Papers are from Simple Stories, Lillybee and WP. I have also used flowers from Prima and some swirling pearls.

Twinkle twinkle little star...... Like a diamond in the sky..

Thanks for stopping by. Ciao!

(P/s: photos were taken using iPhone and poor lighting. Lol!)


Blog. Reconstructed.

I'm doing a little bit reconstruction on this blog. Sorry for the inconveniences.
Stay tune! Hugs.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Details. I'm linking this one to Our Beautiful World ( 6 hours before the submission closed..yikes!).

I took this using just the camera on my iPhone. Can you guess what this is? Yup. It's a plant. A leaf to be exact. Its great that a camera phone can actually capture such a detail like this one. But perhaps, if i were to use my macro lens, it would be even more detailed... The original photo was a bit dark even though this was taken outdoor ( in our garden ). I had natural light but the weather was a bit gloomy. Then, I edited the brightness up to 14% using photoshop.

This plant looks very tough and sturdy. Looks as if it can beat the harshest of weather, hot or cold. The leaf has a leathery feel and sometimes almost feel like plastic. Could it be it survived the dinosaur era? Sure looks like it!! Lol!

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Made my own stencil


Yes! My very first handmade stencil. I have plenty of stencils and I just love using them in my art journal. I can't wait for the new summer CHA stencils release! I'm definitely a stencils hoarder...lol! How do you store your stencils? For me, I use a pocket file of A4 size to store the smaller and medium sized stencils. For the big ones like 12x12, I just keep them in their original packaging. Still looking for a plastic holder to store these big ones. I guess I've not been looking hard enough..hehe....

Anyways, yes, this is my first handmade stencil. I have used a lady figure ( as above ) from a fashion magazine...traced onto a plastic sheet ( I used my shrinking plastic piece....I wasn't thinking ...but doesn't matter..) and cut-out. I placed it on my art journal and sprayed generous amount of Dylusions ink....

Then, I used a black pen to outline the figures....add on another stencil by Ronda Palazarri ( TCW) with distress inks, the number stamps, and acrylic ink....and of course some journaling here and there.

Looks like she's dancing hence, this art journal page is all about that. I love dancing ( secretly..lol!). Once i took up a Malay classical dance class in KL in the 90's. They taught me Mak Yong, Asyik, Inang...gosh.... and a few more I can't even remember their names! Well, that was many years ago! I don't dance anymore except probably once in a while in the toilet..hehehe....or when I was trying to make fun of my son!

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Watercolouring - art journal

I love the Infernal Devices and Mortal Instruments series. Can't wait for the first movie to be released in August! Yeayy! So, here is an art journal inspired by the cover of the Clockwork Princess of the Infernal Devices series.

I have used water colour by Daler Rowney for this. Nothing else. Don't be misled by the MS paint bottle in the photo. thee..heee..heee...it was there to make the page stays.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Journey - art journal

A not-so-new entry in my art journal. Journey. Here, I played with gelli plates..(yummeh!) with the MS stripping comb. I guess you can buy any combs out there and do this trick! I also used a lot of rub-ons in black and white. Doodling with white Faber Castell's Pitt brush and black too. Overall, it's an easy page. Lol!
Owh, and the paints used for this are from Jo Sonja's.
Below is the original layer before I started applying the rub-ons and doodling.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Waking Up at Our Beautiful World

Waking up. That's the first word prompt in the new blog Our Beautiful World.

This is a photo of my son. What waking up means to me is that how grateful I am each day having him around. The photo was taken few years back. He is big guy now. No matter what, he is still my little baby.

{ the photo above was taken using Canon 450D - which I have sold to a cousin. Lol! }

So, since the blog is about capturing our beautiful world each week, I would like to share now something on my world of photography.

I love taking photos. I own a Canon 60D DSLR with 4 types of lenses, which I have been investing for the past few years. This is already my 3rd DSLR. The first one followed me to numerous trips up to the mountain, jungles, and scuba diving; but not underwater though. Lol! The second one ( bought after i got married ) served the most in taking lotsa baby photos..ha ha.. and the current one ( the 60D), well, I'm still getting used to the weight though and several functions, which are not similar to the previous one. I have bought this for almost 2 years now and still figuring out much details..lol!

iPhone. Yes, I do take lotsa photos through my iPhone as well. Most of the photos in my Instagram ( almost 1,500 of them now! ) were taken through my iPhone5 with 8MP iSight camera. Such a small intelligent thing. Sometimes, I can't even distinguish between those taken through my DSLR or iPhone. Lol! { and I'm beginning to neglect my Canon! guilty! }

I'm not a professional photographer ( but I always pretend that I am..lol! ). I just love to capture the moments in my own style and be able to look back at them later. They certainly make precious memories.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Love You Like a Love Song

I did this layout for feature in Papier's blog in June. The papers, MS glitter paints and stickers are all from the DT kit for the month. I have also used here Prima paper packaging, which has pretty flowers design on it. Not to waste. Lol!

I seldom do layouts now but when I did, it would definitely ended up being a mixed media layout. Even the simplest CAS layout would have a splash of watercolours on it too. Lol! Feels like a necessity now.

If you would like to see this in full view, hop in to Papier today and get your craft supplies here too!

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