Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Light up your mind - canvas art


Good morning! Hi there! Im sitting in a cafe at the office right now, trying to spend time updating my blog before I go back to the battlefield. Lol!

This is a work on a canvas board, slightly larger than 4x6. I have played with Balzer's stencil on the background and then trace the outline of the design with my black sharpie. Then, I used Faber Castell's gelatos in orange, red, and yellow. Sprayed with water and mix lightly. The girl is a cut-out from another piece of paper and glued onto the canvas. The hair was done othe canvas itself using black pen from FC as well.

The word Light Up Your Mind was done using the Daler Rowney's black acrylic ink. I made a mistake on the word light hence you can see the washi tapes to cover it. Then I wrote the word Light again...hehe...


a piece of Webster Pages fabric tag is also used but heavily sprayed with inks by Ranger and Dylusions. Gel medium was applied onto the flowers and metals and what nots. It holds these loose items strongly together....lastly, I have used goosebumps spray from (?) onto the cluster.

And light bulb again as hands. I have used light bulb by Prima before in my previous post. This one is from Tim Holtz.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

I Love My Dino - a 12 x 12 layout

Hi there! It's good that we have holidays for the past few days and that means I got to do more of art. I really missed my art journal. I didn't have enough time to spend on my art journal due to my tight work schedule. I have a submission deadline this week and am still working on it. I have tonnes of emails to look into and they are all work related. Boring!

I want to share one of my 'art piece', a scrapbook layout using printed tissue paper, which is glued onto a 12x12 chipboard. I let the soft paper creased here and there when the glue /sealer was applied. When dried, I applied Ranger's distress ink onto it.

The picture frame is from Basic Grey (?) and I added a wooden bird onto it. Tim Holtz's metal tag is added as well and tied at both ends with a leather string from Hero Arts.

Above, I have used flowers ( Prima ) , metals ( Tim Holtz ) and lots of sprays from Dylusions, Ranger, Shimmerz. I have secured them all together using the gel medium from Ranger.
I have also added a "measuring" ribbon by Kaisercraft on the edge of the layout. Word tiles are from Basic Grey and I have actually doodled a square on each. Can't help to doodle. Lol!
Basically, I wanted to make this layout a bit grungy and "jurasically" aged..lol!

Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon cos I have more to share!



Sunday, January 27, 2013

Feeling tribal - sketch

Up there, is a result of boredom or maybe just me playing with my creativity. What is being creative anyway? Creative to me is really an interpretation of the person who looks at your art. Some may find it ugly, nonsensical but others may find it full of awesomeness and vibes! So, how do you like this one? Ehehe....*joking*

I sketched her ( maybe him) looking like some tribe from another country. I only had a fine tip art pen ( I think it was FC's) and my Moleskin journal, which I always carry around with me in my handbag. Having satisfied myself with the sketch, I took a photo of it and edited using a photo apps in my phone. That's how the peeled off/ crackled effect came about. Lol! That was not part of my sketch... Hehe...

This was already published in my Instagram. I played a lot with Instagram nowadays. Just love posting photos as it is, or edited and have fun with it. If you are on Instagram and shares your art there too, let me know of your username so that I can follow you. Hugs!

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon!


Saturday, January 26, 2013


Sunrise...lovely yes?

Firstly, these photos were taken through my camera phone and from inside of a car traveling probably about 60-80 km/hr. I'm usually not the morning person type ( though I think I prefer to be one rather than a night person!). How did I get to get take these photos? Well, since my son started his primary this year, we have to leave the house before 7am to send him to school, which is about 15-20 minutes away from home. It's still dark. Once we dropped him off, we will be on our way to work next. And that's when I get to take photos of the lovely sunrise. I just love looking out of the windows looking at the formation of the clouds, the sky and see if I can make out any shape out of it. Lol! In my Instagram, you will see how an avid cloud photographer I am..hehe...people might think I'm crazy..

As much as I am in awe of the stars, planets and galaxies; clouds are much nearer to home and easy to photograph. They are like white, cottony blankets protecting us from the harsh sun rays and brings rain when it gets too laden with water. It's all part and parcel of the hydrological cycle on Earth. ( oh no! Now I'm being a scientist?!)

Anyways, sharing with you here the clouds and the sunrise. I especially love the photo above where the tip of the sunrise is just touching the peak of KL Tower. That was purely incidental...haha...

Oh and by the way, these photos were not edited nor filtered using any phone apps... yezzaa..!!

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Cool style - mixed media canvas

Hello! After such a long silence in blogging, I'm back today with a work on mixed media canvas. The main focus here is washi tapes and paints. I have used a lot of them in this work. The lady's dress ( baju kurung) is made of washi tapes too. Those butterflies are from washi tape and so is the borders for this canvas piece.

She has appeared before in my other mixed media posts for art journal and canvas works. I guess you can tell that I'm quite inspired by Christy Tomlinson..lol! And I have created her to suit me better or the country where I'm living. So, baju kurung is a cool style after all. I love cotton baju kurung, which is airy and soft to the skin and, evergreen and a long lasting style throughout many years!

I have also used a lot of gelatos on the white textuRe paints by Martha Stewart. It kinda 'eaten up' my gelatos rather quickly actually. I just hope the shops in KL brings more of these gelatos cos I really love using them! They are like lipsticks only on paper...lol!

OK now. Thanks for stopping by! I have few more works to share so stay tune!



Sunday, January 20, 2013

My new school..

Hello. My name is Faiz. This is me, at school. I did well on the first day. I didn't cry though I was quite nervous with so many pupils and teachers around. Luckily, Mommy, Abah, Nenek, Atok and an uncle were there with me on the first day. I made sure they were within my sight everytime. Lol!

My mommy prepared for me the food to school. She and my Nenek will be doing this everyday in the early morning before we depart for school. They will drive me to school everyday. I can catch up with my sleep in the car...lol!

That's my PJ attire. PJ is Pendidikan Jasmani. I just learned the new words too. It means when I wear this to school, we'll be having some fun exercising on the field or in the school hall.

That's me getting ready for my afternoon session at a sekolah agama nearby home. I'm a really busy guy now!

Ahh...Mommy insisted that I include the photo above. She wants to show how she waited for me at the school canteen with Abah, Nenek and Pak Omar on the first day of school. Must be tiring for them to wait for me the whole day...lol!

OK folks. Mommy seems to be busy with her office work lately. She usually comes back late in the evening and when she's home, we just have enough time to eat, do my homework and chit-chat for a while. I see her doing less of crafting works too lately. I would love to go in her studio and going through her crafty things...{ but that would probably make her go crazy! Lol!}

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and do visit again soon. I'm sure Mommy has something new to share with you on her craft works.

See ya'

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hello friends! Happy New Year! to all of you. Sharing with you few cards I made last week. I didn't spend much time on these cards since they are all very simple ones, as you can see.

I'm now "transitting" at a restaurant in between my son's school and home for a quick lunch. He will be going for the next school session in the afternoon. He's going to be a busy guy soon.

Some of these cards below have already been sold. I will placed the rest later at Scrapbook Memories.

Till then, thanks for stopping by! Ciao!

Below is my personal favourite! ;)



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