Thursday, November 22, 2012

Comot the Cat

Hi there! I was somewhere in Kelantan today ( quite near to Pahang border ); in quite a remote area where the air smells great and the greens are pleasing to the eyes. I didn't bring with me my safety boot so I told the guys to go ahead into the construction area leaving me behind with the general workers. They were eating durians. Durians that they bought from Orang Asli nearby. They invited me to the durians and without any hesitation; I indulged in the offer. Tasted great but not the best I've eaten.

Then this cat came and lazily sat on the platform I was sitting and just watched us eating. I just call him Comot. He's kinda cute and looks well-fed even though he's miles away from any food stores or restaurants. The workers must have been feeding him well, I guess. God bless them for that.

So, if you happen to see him, do say hi! Lol!

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  1. oh, you're on a field trip!. How fun. Funner if you have the safety boots, LOL. Comot is their guardian, look in his eyes ... he's talking to me :). Take care.


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