Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Legoland Trip


Hello! My name is Faiz. Today, I'm using my Mommy's blog to share pictures of my Legoland trip in Johor. It wasn't the school holiday yet for me when we went to Legoland but because there were few public holidays in that one week; my parents decided to take me there at that time. They had to take leave from work too.

Mommy brought her gigantic DSLR but somehow, I can only find these photos in her iPad. Wonder what she did with the rest. So, maybe, if I can find the other photos, I will share them in here soon. So, let's start...

Above is the Taj Mahal - made from probably thousands and thousands of Lego pieces. If my Mommy took 16 hours to complete Death Star, I wonder how long it would take her to complete this! Har har har...

above is the Tiannamen Square. Just look at the miniature figurines.

Wow...this is stunning! Mommy must have used some kind of filtering effect hence the vivid colours! By the way, this is our very own Masjid Jame ( yellow roof ) and othe other side on the far right is the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. Both located in Kuala Lumpur.

The Sultan Abdul Samad Building - looking very majestic still even though made of Lego.

Owhhh...and this is so cooooool , I just drooled!! Awesome construction of Lego here. Even my Mommy was amazed and instructed me to take many photos here.

So thirsty guys! Har..har..and behind me is one of my favourite Lego theme that is the Kingdoms. Mommy bought for me the Kingdoms set and this time, my Nenek put up all the pieces together. I guess Mommy was tired after assembling the Helm's Deep.

No! I wasn't going to pee on him! It's just me...can't help it when mommy took such a long time to press the button. Grrrr.....

Oh...I forgot to introduce you my new friend. I met him while strolling near the fountain nearby when we were on our way to Kingdoms. Wonder when he's going to finish the pop corns! Har.. Har...

Whoops.. Ok. Yeap....this was definitely and act of protest from me. I can't exactly remember why. Hehehe....

So okay peeps. That's all for now. I'll see you later probably with more photos of Legoland or other places.


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  1. Oh my! Nice to finally meet ya, Faiz!!. Wonder why mommy took so long to introduce you, LOL. Hey you're grown!. Mommy has been busy lately, and so as I, been away to long from my blog. Looks like you had so much fun, and I think mommy can't help herself too, har har. See you soon!. Tell mommy I missed her. Hugs.


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