Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lets walk to work - art journal

Hello there! I'm waiting for my dinner to arrive. Yeap, we are eating out tonight. Just me and Mr Hubby dearest. Well, it wasn't really planned. Mr Hubby left his working shoes in hometown Ipoh and had to borrow my Dad's shoes to work today! Hehehe... Almost thought he was going to wear slippers to work this morning. Hilarious! So now, we are out to shop a new pair of shoes. And it's on me cos I haven't bought him anything for his birthday yet. Lol!

Anyways, sharing with you an art journal
page entitled Lets Walk to Work! Aha! Really?! How I wish! It takes me around 20 minutes to work when the traffic is real smooth. I still wish the office is near enough so that I can walk. It would be a good exercise indeed.

Thanks for stopping by! Very brief post as usual. Sorry! See ya' next time!

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  1. Ohh that is just COOL!!. Could this be ME?..hehe, I love walking around town in my sneakers. And gotta love that fuschia pants :). This is another cool spread, love the freshness of the scene. Cantek.


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