Thursday, October 10, 2013

Paints and doodle on canvas

Hi there. This is an art piece; painted by my son with some help from Grandma and finally doodled on by me. Can't think of a title for this but I guess "Camouflage" suits it fine. Hehe..
This is a big piece. So, it took him quite some time to paint the whole piece. He used every colours that I have from my Daler Rowney's and a few from Martha Stewart. He was quite restless in the beginning; maybe thinking that this is such a big piece to work on. Midway, he became more focused and "gentle" to my brushes...( lol!) ..thank god for that! Grandma helped out in "closing" the gaps. Once dried, I simply doodled on the canvas using my Faber Castell pens.
So, now I have an art piece; shared by 3 generations...and I don't know where it should go in the house.... Lol! ( and still thinking to do another one...hahaha...)


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