Wednesday, November 23, 2011

'Catch of the Day' birthday party a success!

( Faiz is 2nd from left)

We just celebrated Faiz's 5th birthday last Sunday at home and it was a great success. The theme was fishing because currently he is so into fishing and fishes. At home, we have about 6 fish tanks and it never tires him to get some more. Lucky for me, I don't have to change the water since my father is taking care of that! Lol!

I had a very strenuous week since I am working on a tender to be submitted soon so, arranging for the birthday party was a bit of a ' helter skelter' for there are many things to do and people to call. Cupcakes, balloons, cakes, party bag, table and chairs, backdrop, foods and beverages...these were all in my head but I didn't get the time to prepare for a checklist.

On the eleventh hour, I was reminded by my Mom that I have yet to order for the balloons!
And being a last minute preparation, the balloon man demanded a minimum order ( quite pricey!) even though I have been his loyal customer for the last 4 years!! Oh well, harga belon pon nak, inikan pula harga susu dan gula!

Lucky for me, I have a cousin who is also a party planner so, some of the items I needed were prepared by her such as the backdrop, the main table, candy floss machine, table and chairs, etc. I was also thankful that the fishing vest that I have ordered from the US arrived just in time for the birthday! Thanks to Mr Cremp! Maybe i should leave him a note later.

I was also thankful that I managed to complete the party bag, which was originally a brown paper bag but was painted and stamped with images suitable with the theme. It was worth all the effort.

Congratulations to Daniel for winning the best costume and his mommy for the adult category! Lol! Daniel went back with 2 fighting fishes for winning the best costume and 2nd place in the fishing game! Well done!

It was amazing that amidst the tonnes of work going on in the office and coming back home late almost every night, we managed to have a well organized and meaningful party for our boy! And not forgetting that we didn't even catered for the foods and drinks this time! All done in house!!


  1. happy belated birthday, what an awesome birthday party!

  2. Happy Belated birthday to Faiz! I can recognised the bg photo - so cool! He looks very happy with his new vest!

    Cool! Our birthdays are only 3 days apart!



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