Monday, April 23, 2012

The Art of Lego - making of a Death Star

I guess to all the Star Wars fan out there, Death Star is nothing new. I have been a fan since schooling days starting with Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and of course Return of the Jedi. Then came long Phantom Menance, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Who doesn't know Darth Vader ? Luke Skywalker. Or even the cute R2D2 and C3PO?

When I first introduced Star Wars to my son; I think he was simply awestruck with the characters. In a very short time, he remembers who's who. At around that particular time, I have been having a hard time convincing him on potty training. He simply refused to let it go in the toilet. Not day I came back from the bookshop and brought along with me the Lego Visual Encyclopedia of Star Wars.

The moment he sets his eyes on Death Star Lego, he then asked me; while sitting on my lap, " Mommy, if I use the toilet next time to pass motion, will you buy me this?" -( his exact words were a lil' bit simpler, of course.. Lol!). And I said YES! Of course I will! In a flash, he jumped out of my lap, ran into the toilet upstairs and voila! Now, wouldn't you want to keep a promise like that??

So, after a couple of months, we came across the real Death Star at Brickboys toys at Tropicana Mall but they were already sold out and we were told that Death Star is now discontinued from production. Frustrated, we looked up on eBay and found that we can actually buy it from there...but hey..imagine how much it would be + transport! It contains 3,803 of Lego pieces and I can imagine how heavy it is. Alright, let's go to Legoland then; but it's only due to open in September. We promised him then that we will be getting Death Star for his birthday ( not knowing how..). Owhh...We even thought of vacationing to LA this year just to get this! Lol!

So, Death Star was almost forgotten (just embedded somewhere dormant in the brain!) until one day he decided to just peep into Brickboys toys and wooohoooo...guess what we saw?! A brand new Death Star in a box for sale! He was excited and begging ...and guess what....mommy did the same too!! Hehehe...guilty.... I couldn't really tell who was actually even more excited to see it!

So, we brought it home with us and started fixing things up on a fine Saturday at 11am. That was the time the first packet was officially opened and we timed ourselves. Now, my son didn't really get into the 'making'. It was me and my Mom! Yes, my mom did all the help in sorting the lego pieces by shapes and it was me who patiently put all the pieces together and 3,803 of them!!! Err.. Mom did piece up few loose components, actually, but she left it to me to fix them all in place on the Death Star. Call me crazy, but to me, it was tremendous fun! Roughly, it took us 16 hours to complete.

So, I have taken few photos here; in fact, I have taken well over 300 pictures in documenting the journey of building up the lego Death Star. Few of the photos were taken on macro shots. Like the one above of the famous Darth Vader! Love him!

I love doing this and able to share the fun with him. Now, Death Star is sitting nicely in the dining room, on my Mom's dining table; for the time being of course. Now, she has already given me the 'signal' for it to be removed ASAP and next is going to be another headache to find a suitable place for it in the house; which is already laden with enough toys around!

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  1. COOL! I love R2, he's so confused LOL, but proper. Reminds me of ... ME. Every time I watch the full moon, it's always Death Star in my head. Always. What if ...? you know. Must be a reason why we can't see the dark side.

    1. Thanks! It was hard work esp when the little one kept asking when it's going to finish! Fhew!
      May the Force be with You! Lol!
      Dark side of the Moon .. That's where they found something in the Transformers movie.. cool!

  2. Great story! We love Legos and Star Wars at our house, too. I agree with you--putting together Lego creations can be a lot of fun, even when it takes a long time.

    1. Hi Denise! It is indeed. Hard work but real fun!


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