Saturday, June 30, 2012

Have trust in your art

Hello there! Today's post is about me having trust on my art journalling. I have seen a lot of art journals around and they are so good even when they say they make mistakes while doing it.

Here is one from me and it's dedicated to the big, round, orange sun that I've noticed for the past few days late in the evening. I've also included a small black dot on the sun and it's actually to remind me of the recent Venus transit. A little tissue decoupage was done at the bottom; to resemble the undulating hills ( did it worked? Hehe)

The journalling around the sun reads " for the past few days you looked so sad but big. I wonder if you ever feel lonely out there all alone. You never fail to shine your light on us . Will we ever know when you decide not to?"

( when I used instagram to filter the photo, I get the moon instead! How cool is that?!)

Lastly, the birds. When I was schooling, I never had good marks in my art class. One day during an art test, we were given 3 choices to do the art. I can't remember the exact details now but I remember I chose to draw a scenery simply because I just had absolutely no idea on how to do the other two! And I thought, well, ok. I could do scenery. Then, I started to stare at the blank paper for what could be almost like half an hour!! S$&t!! I realized that I could'nt even do a scenery!

Frustrated, I stared outside of the classroom and I could see the sky and flocks of birds flying high. And I thought, can that be a scenery too?? Clock ticking away and I had to make a decision fast. I took my brush and dipped in pastel blue paint and started to work on it. I Painted the whole paper in blue with spots of white depicting the clouds. Then, I dipped in my brush with grey paint ( Emm.. I think it was grey); and did the birds just like the ones in this art journal. And then, that was it. My scenery!

I knew somehow, I would fail this. I have never received marks on my art anything more than 60%! And this painting?? I had the feeling it would give me my lowest mark ever. So anyway, i was prepared for that. When it was time to receive the results, I wasn't excited at all. The painting was returned to me by the art teacher and she was smiling though she didn't say anything. Ok. That smile looks fatal, I thought. I flipped the painting over and my eye balls almost popped out when I saw the red marking on the bottom right corner of the paper. 88%!! Really??!! Oh my gosh!

Lol! Who would have thought! Just when I was about to give up, I opened my eyes to see something very simple; used that as an inspiration and voilà!!

So if there's anyone like me out there, trust yourself and in the things that you do. And always BELIEVE and PRAY that at the moment you feel like a door is closing on you, there will always be another opening and showing the way for you.

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  1. Great journal page! I love celestial topics.

    Also, I like your story about your art class in school. You are right: we should never, ever give up!

  2. That is a GREAT journal page!. I love the tissue paper mountains, looks like I'm flying over the Rockies. I don't know you are poetic, girl!. It's a lovely poem written around the sun. Inspired by your story about art in school. I was suck at art, always chose scenery to paint just because I CAN'T draw people or animals!. LOL.


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