Friday, June 1, 2012

Yumm yumm.....


Hi there! Don't you just love this photo?

Ok, I missed blogging. I admit. I missed crafting since my room is currently under a minor renovation. All my stuffs were moved in the next room to make way for the renovation works. Sigh! It's over today, finally, but another heavy task is awaiting. Rearranging back the things. Ugh!

I will be traveling this weekend so that task has to be put on hold. More time is lost. Can't wait to get my hands on my paints, glue, papers and making mess! Uwaaaa.....

Owh, don't you think the photo above is major adorable? They look so natural. Sooooo lovely!

Well alright, I'll be sharing you with more soon. Have a nice day!



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  1. oooh delicious. I didn't realize that Jacob is SOOO very tall! Always been team Edward.


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