Thursday, June 7, 2012

Venus Transit in KL city

{Faiz on Meade LX200 - looking out for Venus}
Hi there! It was a very spectacular day, yesterday. Why? Because we got to watch the Venus transit right here in KL city. Here are few snapshots for the album.

{can you see the tiny black dot on the big orange ball of fire there? - that's Venus.}

A telescope with attached dslr for astrophotography. Supercool!

{Faiz on Meade LX60}

{the solar scope}

" Mommy, does this come in my size?"

Ahmad Faiz Muzaffar with Sheikh Muszaphar

well, maybe someday...

Faiz and!

A random image downloaded from the Internet. Such a beautiful sight!

The next transit will be in December 2117. See you then. (lol!)



  1. OOOOOHHHH thanks a lot for sharing these awesome photos!. Wished I could have stayed longer and meet Faiz!. He looked puzzly impressed!!. I have this crazy idea that one day you'd create a spacewalk mini album of Faiz on Meade vs. Atuk on older Meade, maybe???. Faiz vs. Faiz the astronaut??. Hugs.

  2. Thanks! That's an awesome idea actually...I never thought about that, really! Yeah...why not! Hmmmm.... ( ideas churning...)


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