Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Art Journal on Yuna's interactive music video!

Yayy! Finally I have found Yuna's music video that has my art journal in it. Thanks to a cousin of mine, Ana, for spotting this.

I think it happened more than a year ago when I was told that Yuna's production or management group wanted to borrow some craft items from the Papier store and this art journal was one of them. I even got paid for this! Lol!

Months passed by and though I was quite curious if they did really use my art journal, I didn't really look for it. I have watched this video a couple of times but I didn't notice it at all!

One day, my cousin wanted to have a look at some of my art journals and I told her about this one. I flipped through the pages to show her and whoaa!...there was a photo of a man ( Yuna's ex-boyfriend ) on one of the page! I never realized it when I took back the art journal home with me after having displayed at Papier for a while.

So, here it is, a snapshot of the moments in the video where you can see my art journal on the table...hehehe..... So funny actually....

Later, I met Yuna personally at her concert in Istana Budaya and brought that page to be exclusively autographed by her! What fun!

Yup, that's the art journal on her right!

See, that's the photo of her ex! I still keep it as it is.

The front cover of the art journal.

Below is the page autographed by her!

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