Friday, September 6, 2013

Leave A Note Board - painted & decorated canvas board

When a cousin asked me to do a "leave-a-message" board for his son's cukur jambul and aqiqah, I just couldn't say no. I've seen this before somewhere but I just can't remember. Thought i had something similar pinned to my Pinterest. Anyways, I took up the challenge and just went along with it. I'm posting this too to Our Beautiful World since this how my September started and the event day was on the 1st.! Except for the one above, the rest were taken using my Canon 60D with Tamron Macro Lens and kit lens.

The colour theme was "Tiffany Blue". Heck, never heard of that before. I only knew the colours they put on MS, DR, Jo Sonja' there a Tiffany Blue somewhere? Then I found out that its not far off from Turquoise or a combination of "bluish green", which then was..owhhh...ok! So let's get things started.

The stretched canvas ( slightly bigger than A1 ) was painted with MS Glossy Surf - the closest I could get to Tiffany Blue. Hehe... Once dried, put on the houndstooth and black lacey washi tapes. Bought packs of screw hook from a hardware shop and screwed them on the inside of the wooden panel. This is to tie the twine later. Embellishments like flowers, wooden die cuts, pearls, bird nest etc were added at the corners of the canvas. I have also painted black the wooden alphabets and rest them onto a cream coloured lace ribbon at the centre of the panel, just to match the invitation e-card made by my cousin.

What I've used here:

1) Kaisercraft's wooden die-cuts

2) Prima flowers and embellishments

3) MS sticker butterfly, which was then inked with distress paint

4) blue and white twine

5) MT washi tape - houndstooth

6) Lacey washi tape - dunno what brand this is....

7) Phoenix stretched canvas

8) Pearls - Kaisercraft

9) Distress Inks - Ranger

10) Stencil - The Crafters's Workshop

11) Lace Ribbon and wooden alphas ( painted black with distress paint)

A friend of mine has somehow noticed that this pastel / shabby chic look is not my usual theme. Quite right there. I've always been more comfortable with grungy colours and this is a bit out of my comfort zone. Hehe... But I guess it turned out quite alright...I like it too.

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