Saturday, January 26, 2013


Sunrise...lovely yes?

Firstly, these photos were taken through my camera phone and from inside of a car traveling probably about 60-80 km/hr. I'm usually not the morning person type ( though I think I prefer to be one rather than a night person!). How did I get to get take these photos? Well, since my son started his primary this year, we have to leave the house before 7am to send him to school, which is about 15-20 minutes away from home. It's still dark. Once we dropped him off, we will be on our way to work next. And that's when I get to take photos of the lovely sunrise. I just love looking out of the windows looking at the formation of the clouds, the sky and see if I can make out any shape out of it. Lol! In my Instagram, you will see how an avid cloud photographer I am..hehe...people might think I'm crazy..

As much as I am in awe of the stars, planets and galaxies; clouds are much nearer to home and easy to photograph. They are like white, cottony blankets protecting us from the harsh sun rays and brings rain when it gets too laden with water. It's all part and parcel of the hydrological cycle on Earth. ( oh no! Now I'm being a scientist?!)

Anyways, sharing with you here the clouds and the sunrise. I especially love the photo above where the tip of the sunrise is just touching the peak of KL Tower. That was purely incidental...haha...

Oh and by the way, these photos were not edited nor filtered using any phone apps... yezzaa..!!

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  1. Ohh beautiful wide sky, LOVE doing this too especially when I go travel. Which was wayyyyy back then. It's nothing like a fresh day out. Do you notice that the sky is bluer and the trees are greener these days?. Blessings are coming :). Oh, I love looking up the sky so much too ...not only enjoying the clouds like you but secretly hoping to spot any UFOs :). Bless my heart!


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