Friday, July 20, 2012

Image transfer

Hi there! I did an image transfer on canvas recently and here are the results. They turned out quite different from one to another. This is my first try.

I have used the Glue and Sealer by Ranger for the transfer medium. The method was the same for both. However, the photo of the girl ( that was me back then in kindie ), was printed on quite a thick 4R glossy paper. It was harder for me to rid-off the pulp out as compared with the one on the left.

It was easier for me to work on the left photo though maybe because of too aggressive, I have scarred the photo a bit. I'm not sure if I work on the girl photo a bit longer, I mean scrub off the pulp, would yield a similar effect as the one on the left.

Love doing this although it takes quite a long time to complete. If you have any shorter way to do an image transfer, do share your work with me ;))

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  1. That was a WOW job!! I never really able to get a good transfer :(.

  2. I left the photo glued onto the medium transfer for more than 24 hours...I dunno if that's the trick..or should be longer?
    Very time consuming....but cool result..;))


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