Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mon Cherie Amour - an art journal page

Hi there! Its late at night at the time I'm writing this and we are stuck in a traffic jam right now. No. I'm not driving. My son is sleeping at the back. It's already 11pm and we are on our way up north to Mr H's hometown. The accident that's causing the heavy traffic is currently 6km away ahead of us. I tweeted and only found out that the PLUS ( highway operator? ) people are now clearing up the accidents. But still, we have a lonnngg way to go! So, I have decided to write in my blog while having a conversation with Mr H at the same time; just to keep him accompanied.

This is another journal page from me. It's brown. Hehe. And, I played with the mica flakes that I've bought for ages. The title for this page is Mon ( My ) Cherie Amour.

Techniques here are fairly simple.

1) prime the page with gesso. Then paint it brown with Martha Stewart paint. Let it dry

2) I have cut out the picture of a lady from Graphic 45 Ladies Diary (love 'em to bits!); distress the edges and glue on the page

2) next, I have mixed green acrylic paint with enamel powder and applied on a circle dot stencil by The Crafters's Workshop. Applied heat onto it. Just experimenting with mixture of mediums.

3) then the mica flakes. I have used a crackle paint to fix the mica flakes onto the page.

4) then, I sort of wanted to use the gold wire on this page as well. While I was unwinding the gold wire, it accidentally went loose and when I gathered them together; it became like a swirling 'petals' with a stem! Aaahh....that's nice, I thought. Hehe..and secured it onto the page using the glossy accents. You can see very clearly how I have applied the glossy accent onto the gold wire below..hehe...the stem is tied with WP's vintage trim (I think that's what it is called)

5) I have also used a left-over Dusty Attic chippie - a flourish border on the top right corner of the page.

6) I've written a few lines from the song My Cherie Amour (by Stevie Wonder) onto this page. It goes something like this ' My Cherie Amour, Lovely as a summer day..My Cherie Amour, Distant as the Milky Way'....I guess that's why I like the song so much...( it has the Milky Way in it...hehe). { yes, a song can also be an inspiration for your art journal page! }

7) lastly, the page label, secured with a safety pin on the ring binder.

Your turn is next. Find your favourite song and use it to create an art journal page next! Good luck!

Thanks for stopping by! Ciao!



  1. Stunning work!, Soon your journal will be so bulky :). LOVE chunky journals. Hey, I like to try make a page for a song, that'll be fun.

    1. Thanks Shahrul! Love the feel of a chunky journal kan? Hehe...

  2. what a fantastic art journal. love all the textures on it.

    1. Hi Sandy ! Thanks for visiting. I love more textures on my journal ;)))


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