Friday, December 9, 2011

This Is What Love Looks Like - frame

It's Friday and very much looking forward for the long weekend since Monday is a public holiday. Feels like I can do tonnes of craft works at home but I'm sure the moment I sit down on my chair, I'll be cracking my head on which to do first. Yes, ideas are there but realizing it is another thing! For example, I just bought a gorgeous kit from Maya Road last week and already started on it and up till today, I still having a hard time painting the config box. I must have painted it several times since I just couldnt get myself satisfied with the end result! If all is well and turns out good, I will post it soon. So watch this space! Lol!

Ok, this one is actually unplanned from me. I bought a vintage themed kit from Melissa Frances and been keeping it for quite a while. I wasn't sure what to make out of it and I wasn even sure of its entire contents except of course its vintage theme. Thought of doing something so that I can include in my 'for sale' items over at TM. Then I found a perfect photo and a perfect shabby frame ( also by MF ) and hey! I sure am gonna keep this! So, it's there now on my Mom's new console table along with other picture frames and my 'art works' in the living room. Ha!ha! Of course lah my Mom insisted to keep this one lebih2 lagi gambo cucu dia kat situ!

Now, she has asked me to do an altered frame for another photo of my DS. I think the photo is about A4 in size and that means a bigger frame is required! Well, bought that one too from Ikea and can't wait to start ! See, banyaknyer lah ideas.....buat atau tak tu, lain kira...hehehe...

Materials used:
Vintage theme kit: Melissa Frances
Black lace: Chinese shop near my house
Cut flowers pp: October Afternoon ...think so!
Journal tag: MME
Shabby frame: Melissa Frances

TFR&L! Ciao!

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  1. nice Nida and love the frame and lace. cute pic as well


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