Saturday, February 11, 2012


Coral Despair. That's the title of the ATCs below. It's my interpretation of the dying coral in our seas, be it due to human activities or even the increasing sea temperature. I used to dive a lot before I was married and was made aware of the health of the corals and it's importance to our ecosystem.
Garden Ticket. That's the title for below. I'm imagining this would be an entrance ticket to see a world class garden! Hehehe.....
Bubble Depth. Again, this is my interpretation of scuba diving, my personal favourite hobby, which I long to do again ( uhuk! Uhuk!). Well, when diving, you will be releasing bubbles as you exhale and that 'ruler' actually represents my depth gauge, which I need to constantly check to see if I'm way above my licensed limit. Hehehe....

OK, that's all for tonight. I will be back with more ATCs and  layouts using Webster's Pages new Sunday Picnic. Stay tune! 


  1. I LOVE the Blue Depth the most! I love grungy stuff, and always wanted to try use old rulers. heheh.

  2. That ruler is just 40sen it at local shop near my house..hehe...not even at flea market!


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