Saturday, August 4, 2012

Live Life to the Fullest - using Paper ( app )

Hi there! I'm just trying out a new app that I've just installed i.e. Paper by 53. It gives you 5 types of drawing tools including a brush and several colours. What I've done here is mostly using the brush tool on several colours and some highlights using the bold / marker type tool. The girl was initially sketched out using a pencil tool. Once done, I coloured it using the brush. I am OH so not good in drawing!!

I still think that a real hands-on journalling with all your fingers getting dirty is far more exciting. But this app is certainly useful when I'm away from home and inaccessible to all my paints, papers etc etc.

So, next time when you see another post from me using this application, you'll know for sure 2 things:

1) I'm away from home

2) I'm taking a short break from hands-on art journalling. {really??} Lol

Thanks for stopping by! Ciao!


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  1. Nida, this is GREAT!!!!. How fun. I have not been journaling since the laptop glitch hehe. Will be back soon!! HUgs.


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