Monday, October 22, 2012

It's been a looooonngg time......

Indeed it has been a long time since I was here at Central Market!
This trip was purely accidental. I actually wanted to go here with a bohemian crafter friend of mine since I believe she is better at the nook and crannies of this place for I haven't been here for the longest time!! Owing to my busy schedules, I'm still unable to fix a time for the girls' day out! Sorry Shahrul! fine day ok!

Nevertheless, being here with my family is also very priceless. For one, this is the first trip here for my son. I've always wanted him to know me not just me being his mommy but also what I have always cherished and look for in life. My hubby is already astrayed into a different direction when he finally concluded that I'm a compulsive shopper! Hehehe...actually, I'm definitely not one. But sometime, my shopping can be driven by stress so I guess thats where the compulsive shopping comes in I!

Anyway, i love being here at this place. Everything seems so friendly... Relaxing...don't even mind wearing slippers here...I can see myself ( if I'm a tourist!) in a backpack, slippers and of course a camera in my hand snapping away photos of this unique place. I don't have to look good; I just need to feel good.... Bliss.....

Okay enough of my ramblings and let's get on with the photos shall! I didn't edit all the photos here. It was hard to catch Faiz sitting or standing still. An active boy he was on that day. I think he liked the environment too. Hubby was in a good mood and let me wander around the building while they went for a fish foot spa and a drink at nearby kopitiam. I dashed away quickly with my camera and started taking few photos that I'm sharing now. Ooh..and of course, I did buy few things for myself too. I bought a bangle, a bohemian style bag and a 'genie' or aladdin? pants. Love them all! I wouldn't say they are cheap though cos this place is meant for oversea tourists...

Gosh,..ramblings again.

Faiz posing in front of the shops selling unique and exotic items

Just look at the items on sale above. Yummy....So mystically gorgeous...

Lovely colourful lanterns. Yupp..I think they are lanterns alright!

A shop called Puteri Gunung Ledang. I wonder if they sell items that the princess wears....

Maybe they sell hati nyamuk too! Lol!

aaah...wonderful gift items above.

I love pearls. Do you?

note books. They are all unique!

anyone interested in a mask?

Oh yeah...I bought one of those....

walked through this lane...smells great!

And below are photos of the decorative tiles adorning the staircases.




Ok, wish I have some more photos to share but my time was up and we had to go home. Next time around, I hope to be able to spend more time here and walk the corridors inside and outside of Central Market.

Ciao and thanks for stoping by!

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  1. OMG!. I'm jumping like Faiz when reading this post!!. LOL. LOVELY that you finally able to visit the place and have Faiz around too!. It is a gorgeous place :). I know, I always look messy when I went there because, I walk from home. So I blend with the slipper wearing tourist :). This is great!!. Enjoyed seeing Faiz keep moving, he must be really excited. I love to eat upstairs too. Next time my friend :). TFS!


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