Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Malay Girl in Paris - mixed media with beeswax

Hi there! Wishing Eid-el-Adha to those celebrating tomorrow!

Today, I want to share a mixed media work entitled 'A Malay Girl in Paris'. It's a 'not-that-simple' project using canvas, acrylic paints, texture paste, distress inks and ......beeswax. Yes, beeswax! You can't see clearly from the photos because I didn't use much or lets just say...I wasn't adventurous enough to play with much beeswax on that day. Lol! Not as much as I thought I time....

So, the story is about a Malay Girl who travels to Paris seeking inspirations to create. She's very proud of her traditional costume and wears it everyday in the city. I gesso'ed the canvas first before painted it in acrylic orange. Then I stamped scripts randomly on the canvas with the archival ink. I mixed a texture paste with a green acrylic paint and applied on Balzer's design stencil. You can see that on the bottom left corner of the canvas.

Maybe next time I will do a Japanese girl in KL? A Chinese girl in Timbuktu? Hmmm.......

She has 'creations and inspirations' in her hands.

Thanks for stopping by! Gotta rush..... Do come visit again soon!


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  1. Selamat Hari Raya!!. This is yet another funky mixed media work :). LOVE her bigger than life glassy steampunk hands!! Wow, great idea if you could make Melayu girl all over the world series :).


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