Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Love Birds - mixed media / decoupage on canvas

Hi there! I think I would like to call this work ' Love Birds'. The gentleman came in a bicycle and is waiting just outside the gate with a bouquet of roses to meet his lover. The lady is standing in the room getting ready, looking over and over again at herself in the mirror; patiently waiting for him. What a nice and sunny day when you can hear the birds singing and see the butterflies flying.

How's that for a love story? Lol!

The images are from Ladies Diary by Graphic45. They make sweet romantic scenes.

I gesso'ed the canvas first before I applied the acryclic paint in pastel green. Then I decoupaged decorated tissue paper onto it. I mixed the same pastel green acryclic with a sandy white texture from Martha Stewart and applied it on the patches that I didn't decoupage and also the distress stickles for that shiny glittery effect.

The wooden gate is from Kaisercraft. I just love them. You see how the gentleman is standing outside the gate with the flowers bouquet in his hand....quite a romantic scene I suppose.....lol! handsome he is too....hehe..love the beret!

I made the white lace ribbon look like a long drape / curtain in the lady's room. She is probably looking at herself in the mirror to see if she got everything from the hair, the dress, the makeup, the shoes perfect, top to toe. Love the long dangling pearls and the sling bag!

And also a white dove flying over with a letter; the love letter. And two white butterflies just flying around having fun in the garden.

So that's it folks! Hope you like it!

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  1. WOW WOW WOW!! So romantic! LOVE your story :). The images are really beautiful, perfect embellishments too. That bike is handsome as its owner, I tell you!! Hugs.

    1. Thanks Shahrul...kinda get carried away with the love too when i did this...hahahah....


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