Monday, October 15, 2012

My Story - a pop up altered box for charity auction at Papier

Hi there! It's late at night now and I decided that before I go to bed, I should really post my new pop-up altered box, which will go for an auction for charity at Papier. This is my first attempt at pop-up box. Not sure of the mechanism to make something pop-out/up from a box! I did google on it but didn't spend time long enough to find a good instruction on how-to. So, I decided to just give it a try.

The box was a packaging for a chocolate covered dates I received before the Raya holidays. The pop-up figures are all from Ladies Diary (Graphic45). It had a square clear window that made things inside visible.

I covered the sides of the box with patterened papers and a paper valence, which is just on the front-side. The inner base of the box is firstly covered with a patterened paper. The patterned papers that I have used here are all from my Papier DT kit for this month.

The buyer { hope there will! } will not only get this pop-up box but also a mini journal that I have created to nicely fit inside this box. The mini is given a title ' My Story ' and it goes with the title for this box on the lid i.e. Ladies Diary. Once the box is closed, these ladies will be just resting on the diary.

So as you can see, these ladies will be on an upright position once the box is opened. After a few "try and error"s and quite a bit of scraps that went to the bin; I think I'm quite satisfied with this one. Lol!

Then, I just decorated the base of the box with a paper flower and cut-out from Hambly's.

On the inner lid of the box, I have also placed a journalling tag and a cut-out of a bird cage on the side. I tried to hide the pop-up strips mechanisms with die-cut flowers. I guess that kinds works...hehehe....

thanks for stopping by! See you soon!

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  1. LOVE LOVE this. It's a beauty!!. Wished to see the album :). Don't freak out, earlier I thought of making a pop-up mini album but at the last minute resort to an explosion box, with some pop-up Alice & friends in there!. We think alike :). Scare yet?. LOL. This looks like a very fun project!. Hugs.


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