Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beach - an art journal

Hi there! It seems that I can't get enough of my new gelatos. It's addictive, I tell ya'! They are cute like lipsticks and comes in great colours! I have used them too on my previous 3 posts! 2 for the challenge in Art Journal Cafe and the other one is a collage on canvas. I had so much fun!

Here's sharing another art journal using these gelatos!

On this page, I have used 2 sets of colours i.e. the greens and the blues. I decided to do a scene near a beach. { always fond of the sea! }

Here's how:

1) applied the blue and green gelatos on upper and bottom part of each page. then spray some water and start the blending. wait until dry.

2) while waiting for the page to dry, I cut out the ladies from Graphic45's Ladies Diary and the butterflies from Steampunk Debutante and also the word Beach & banana tree, stamps image from another Graphic45 ( forgot the name! ). Glued them onto page.

3) next, lotsa stamping - { Got a lil' bit carried away! Lol! } using stamps by Kaisercraft, Prima and Hero Arts. Can you see the hot air balloon and an aeroplane high in the air? Lol! oh yess! And a dolphin just jumped out of the water.... Hehehe...

4) this is a turtle conservatory zone - hence the baby turtles... Lol! The baby turtles have just begun a new journey in life.

4) I have saved some from the gelatos packaging and glued it on the leather-like fabric piece. Not going to waste that!

5) and that was basically it. The only thing that took some time for me to work on was cutting out the ladies from the G45 paper.

6) Time flies when you're having fun! How true! I didn't notice the time at all when doing this until my son called me to tuck him to bed! Lol!

So, feast your eyes on more snapshots below. If you haven't tried the gelatos yet, by all means, do go get them and try!! Do share with me if you have done any.

{ it's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see }

Thanks for stopping and taking the time to read. I'll see you soon!




  1. OOOHH this is the most beautiful beach scene ever!! I LOVE them so much. Must be a lovely Victorian breezy day and I bet a perfect day for couples courting :). Beautiful pattern papers. Oh, I LOVE the gelatos color swab there, just like rainbow!. I wonder if Sharon has also the RED/MAROON hues in store?? They were awesome!. HUgs.

  2. Es precioso , tan Victoriano!!!, me han gustado mucho los colores que has usado de gelatos y la composición.
    Un saludo

  3. This is a fantastic sunny beach. And so much to see. Really marvelous. It's to see that you had fun. Beautiful.
    Lovely greet

  4. I love your Beach Theme. I live right by the beach and it gives me so much inspiration for my art journals.
    Love Di

  5. Wonderful beach day! I love how you've pulled it all together.


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