Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Make Time - an art journal


Helloooo.!! Owh... When did I last update on art journalling? Whoaaa.... Ages!! Okay. Here's one today. At last. Been real busy. Stress. Pissed off ( work wise). Tired.

Today, thought about quitting job. Move on to something else. Pause. Quit job?! Agghh..

So, an art journal titled Make Time. How I wish there is more than 24 hours in a day. But no. Not as long as Mercury days! Just a couple of hours more. Lol!

This page is so befitting of my current life. Lots of things to do but so little time....

I have stamped randomly using Archival ink onto the page before I gesso it white. Applied sprays by Dyslusions all over. Washi tapes. More stamps and goose bumps sprays.
Not to forget the acrylic Ink in dark brown... Love it!

Thanks for stopping by!

P/s: I have a zombie story for you next.. So stay tune!

See ya'!


  1. Oh poor you, I'm sending you LOVE energy so that you'd enjoy anything that you do in the coming days. When we enjoy things we do NOW, time stops :). Yup, even at work!. Your journal pages today made me nervous too, looking at the clock ticking. LOL. But, they're a beauty. LOVE LOVE LOVE black on browns.

  2. Thanks Shahrul....need all the energy for this


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