Friday, December 21, 2012


{ no, it's not the end of the world yet. But I believe it will be someday..Scientifically, how long do you think the sun can power us all up? It will grow bigger ( its core energy is reducing) expand and engulf us all.... Maybe not in our lifetime..but someday}

We are a big fan of Walking Dead; my hubby, son and me. A story about how a disease has caused human to turn into zombies. Everybody is infected and even if you die, you will eventually turn into a zombie. In order for you to really die, you need to be shot on the head. Gross? Oh!

So, one night while still awake on the bed, I started to draw out a layout of our home if we were in such a situation. Most importantly, our life needs to be "self- sustaining" and secured. So there it is, up there. The layout of a " zombie-proof" home. Lol!

The area should be barricaded with thick heavy, internally steel reinforced concrete walls. We need a large area so that we can have our house, an animal farm, a vegetable garden, fuels depot, water tank, an underground bunker to store extra foods, ammo, clothing and what else; plus and area for vehicles and look-out towers! These look-out towers are marked in bright red ( cross marked ). Right behind the animal farm, we have the fuel depot. Enough to fill up the vehicles ( via manual pumping ) for a long period of time should we need to scavenge for additional foods, ammunition etc. We also put up a solar panel right on the roof top. Good enough to provide electricity for the house day and night ( unless if too much of cloud cover! ). Our toilets are linked into a small "septic chamber" , which has been reengineered to provide biogas supply for cooking purposes. We have also additional "fuel" input from the animal manure, of course.

We have an elevated water tank ( marked as H20 on the layout ) and an elevated piping system to supply water to designated areas via gravity. Waters are mainly from rainwater collection and it must be boiled first for drinking purposes. We can't afford to shower every day, in this case. Lol! So, mind the stinking smell peeps!

We created a vegetable garden to provide us with the healthy greens as well. Foods are not to be wasted and if we have to, we will dump them all in in a decomposition bin. We'll make use of it as a fertilizer later or something else useful.

While I was doing this layout, my son have asked me to add in a couple of zombies outside the wall and with one of them totally flat out on the ground. Just got shot. On the head. Lol!

So yeap, there it is. A self- sustainable zombie proof home. Lol!

It's another 2+ months for the next season of the Walking Dead. It shows the concept of humanity and sanity when people are in dire straits. And grossness too....hehe.

The layout was done using Sketch53. I was lying on the bed and struggling to keep a steady hand while doing this. Not a good!

Until then, ta!

{singing to Cranberries song - Zombies!}

Thanks for stopping by!

21-12-2012 - so far so good.....


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