Friday, December 28, 2012

Project Life

Yesss, I am finally embarking into the journey of Project Life ( PL ). And that's the album I'm using to store in photos, clippings, tickets, journalling cards etc etc.

It took me a while to decide on starting PL but after visiting other people's blog, websites; hence, I decided to give it a try. It's definitely less daunting than doing a 12x12 layout; 'funner'!, and simpler. I'm doing my PL on week to week basis, for now. I just need to select which photos to print and I'm already on my way. Most of the photos here so far are mostly from my Instagram collection. I've been busy in Instagram too. The only tool now for me to play around when I'm bored, outings with my family etc.

I'll be sharing more of my PL soon. I intend to add in some mixed media works here too, but we'll see. Maybe if I quit work, I can spend more time on my art journal, PL and the rest; ooohhh.... That'll be heaven! And I get to spend more time with my artsy friends....heehe.. Bliss....

Tomorrow is a big day for my son and I'll be gearing up with my camera ( or maybe just iPhone). Need to take photos for my! But tonight, I need to sew the school badge onto his white shirt, iron his pants, and put in few books inside his bag.

How time flies...and now he's starting primary school. But one thing for sure, he will always be my bucuk..bucuk baby! { he hates it when I say that! }

Ok, see ya next time! Ciao!


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  1. wah, he's mighty big now. and soon he comes home saying, I like that girl lol. I remembered my mom used to iron on my school badges in primary school (I was a prefect, and had to wear that hook-on neck tie, I hated it because nobody listened to me!). Fun times school days. This is EXCITING to see you now PL-ing!!. FUN FUN FUN to add your ATC's in there! Zing it with mix media stuff.And of couse, Sky Maps!. Bravo!. Happy New Year!


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