Monday, February 11, 2013

a fish life - zentangle

a fish life..that's my new zentangle. While I was waiting for my Ikan bakar to arrive, I had a bit of time to start on my new zentangle. We had Ikan siakap tiga rasa, Ikan merah Bakar amongst other seafood items, so, it was only natural that my sketch at that time would be on something from the sea. And there it is. Fish.

This zentangle is featuring a fish life. You can see fishing trawl, giant kelps ( can you spot them?), sea plants, sea bed, sea waves and swirling currents. I remember these well during my scuba diving years, except got the giant! I don't think we have giant kelps in the Malaysian waters. Do we? Hmmm...

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  1. How FUN!!!. You know, you can share your many under-the-sea observations as in these zentangle, I LOVE them!. HUgS.


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