Saturday, May 19, 2012

Piece of an art journal

Hi there! Another piece in my crazy journal. In this book, I do many things. More like experimenting. Here is where I tried to go beyond. But today, I think I just would like to share with you a piece of it. One day, I'll show you the rest of my crazy works inside and the rest of them.

I like the quote 'There is no mistake in art'. It all depends on one's interpretation. So I guess, this book is my interpretation of art besides it being an experimental platform for me to grasp inspiration.

So, enjoy art. Live life and make it counts.



  1. That's a neat journal! I'm always looking for brown paper notebooks to journal on, but the pages are always so thin :(. Moleskin are expensive hehe. Hence, I make my own journals. Any suggestions?

    1. Ehee..I carry moleskin in my handbag everyday. The one here is indeed thin paper if you want to paint. But I paint on them anyway. Lol! And I skip one page if I paint.


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