Sunday, February 17, 2013

DT paints demo at Papier

Hi there! Yesterday, I had a lot of fun doing the demo on paints at Papier. Each one of the DT is responsible for doing a demo on a product and mine was on Martha Stewart paints. I had sorta butterflies in my stomach before the session cos' I didn't really have a clue on what I was going to do. Surprisingly, as it turned out, the idea just came in smoothly as I sat down on the chair and hold the brush.

I have invited her ( below ) to be the model again. Lol! Obviously, I'm very inspired by her. Those are the bottles of MS paints that I get to play with during the demo. And, wow! I get to play with all the other tools as well!

This one below is one of my favourite. Just swipe the toothed comb on the paints and you get great texture effects! I love em!

I have asked the girls working at the store for some ideas on the title for the canvas. They were shy usual. Hence, I decided to dedicate theis canvas to them; being the Papier girl. Lol!

I've promised that I need to work some more on the canvas below. It's not completely 'complete' in my eyes. All the work below is using paints. For the stencil, I have actually used a paint dabber and applied the paints onto it. I think the result is really cool. Love love!

Once I was done with the canvas above, I had like half an hour extra to go..hehe so I did some experiments with various tools from Martha Stewart that we have at the store. Here, I have used the grain stripping comb ( toothed comb), the patterning brush set, the paint dabber and natural sponge. I have also used white texture on the upper right hand corner of the design. I had so much of fun!

Ok peeps! Thanks for stopping by! See ya again next time.

Wait for my new zentangle! Hehe...


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  1. Oh my, I so missed this, LOL. I would have come play with ya!. This is lots of fun, just using MS paints. LOVE the orange-green colors. Next demo, inks??. Hugs.


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