Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wedding Guest Book

Hi there! Here's another post on Wedding Guest Book. Thanks to the happy couple who allowed me to blog about it. Lol! Since this is made upon request, I have asked for the owner's permission first. So, here it is....

Before I make a wedding guest book, i would normally find out a little bit about the person. I will try my best to include an element of who the person really is instead of so much focusing on the wedding theme. After all, this wedding guest book is going to stay with her for a longer period of time as compared to the wedding dresses, dais, wedding canopies of chosen colour theme and etc etc. I didn't make one for me on my own wedding but if I did, eventually, I think it would turn out to be more like a scrapbook album where I would be adding my photos, movie tickets { during those dating days, if you still keep! }, love notes etc.

I've chosen the main colour as red since it's one of her favourite. She's not so much into pastel but I have added a splash of pink, white just so that it; hopefully, Mom will be happy too...{ yes? }. Of course, somehow, people always associated weddings with white, soft pinks...and so on...

I hope I'm not being over dramatic on the ribbons, pearls and laces there on the ring binder. Lol! I have used a bigger ring binder here to accommodate for the increasing thickness later if she decides to add on photos, tickets, what nots!

Materials used:

Patterned Papers: Prima

Flowers: Prima

Tulle & resin embellishment: Webster's Pages

Swirling gems: Prima

Dies: Spellbinder

Inks and glitters: Rangers

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  1. wahh ... you did this again?. Very romantic!!!. She would LOVE this as I do :).

    1. Thanks Shahrul! Yep, i did this one again.....heheh...


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