Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Save That Page!

Oh yes indeeeed! When I learned that Art Journal Cafe is having a challenge called ' Save that Page', I instantly knew those pages that i need to work on. I have a few...and here are the first three...lol!

The first is the black and orange combo. It even had my handprint on it...haha!. I coloured one page in orange and let dry. Then i used gesso and painted only the edge of the page on the other side. I close the page together and some of the still wet black gesso was transferred on the orange side.

Then, i didnt know how to go on......hmmm......

Secondly, is the pastel green page with some embellishments on one side. Well, i was Finnabair inspired when i did this....hehe..

Upon fixing of the embellies, i kinda lost my 'fins' and my thoughts went high in the 'air'! Hehe...

Thirdly, a very bright coloured page this one is! Yes, i coloured the whole page in red. When dried, i applied another coat of cream coloured paint on one side and close the page together. Wet paints get transferred on the other side. I wanted to make use of a Prima packaging, so i have added alcohol inks in the 'round capsules' and then, fixed it to the page.

And then, well, i got stuck.

So, call it unfinished pages or destroyed pages; for me, these ones need some uplifting work to be done. A major one maybe......hehe....

Watch this space folks for the new makeover! I can't promise or guarantee that these are going to be a successful makeover but even if they still don't work out; i will still share it with you.

i'll be seeing you soon!



  1. oh oh, please .... keep on working the black & orange pages!!! Totally GORGEOUS. Work some more with maybe black lacy stamps or intricate black lace/net. Or use gold glitter or anything mysterious. And have fun saving the other two!. HUGS.

  2. Ill try to remember that...haha...gonna work on one tonight...hehehe...


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