Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hello friends! Happy New Year! to all of you. Sharing with you few cards I made last week. I didn't spend much time on these cards since they are all very simple ones, as you can see.

I'm now "transitting" at a restaurant in between my son's school and home for a quick lunch. He will be going for the next school session in the afternoon. He's going to be a busy guy soon.

Some of these cards below have already been sold. I will placed the rest later at Scrapbook Memories.

Till then, thanks for stopping by! Ciao!

Below is my personal favourite! ;)



  1. O WOW!!. Cantek!!!. My fav is the nerdy girl :). LOL, you're transiting like Venus?. Congrats for Faiz first day at school!. HUGS.

  2. Hi Nida! These cards look really beautiful with stunning colors and design :-) I go to Papier sometimes after work but so far never on weekends. Let's meet up one day, we should have a scrapbook party! :-)


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