Sunday, January 20, 2013

My new school..

Hello. My name is Faiz. This is me, at school. I did well on the first day. I didn't cry though I was quite nervous with so many pupils and teachers around. Luckily, Mommy, Abah, Nenek, Atok and an uncle were there with me on the first day. I made sure they were within my sight everytime. Lol!

My mommy prepared for me the food to school. She and my Nenek will be doing this everyday in the early morning before we depart for school. They will drive me to school everyday. I can catch up with my sleep in the!

That's my PJ attire. PJ is Pendidikan Jasmani. I just learned the new words too. It means when I wear this to school, we'll be having some fun exercising on the field or in the school hall.

That's me getting ready for my afternoon session at a sekolah agama nearby home. I'm a really busy guy now!

Ahh...Mommy insisted that I include the photo above. She wants to show how she waited for me at the school canteen with Abah, Nenek and Pak Omar on the first day of school. Must be tiring for them to wait for me the whole!

OK folks. Mommy seems to be busy with her office work lately. She usually comes back late in the evening and when she's home, we just have enough time to eat, do my homework and chit-chat for a while. I see her doing less of crafting works too lately. I would love to go in her studio and going through her crafty things...{ but that would probably make her go crazy! Lol!}

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and do visit again soon. I'm sure Mommy has something new to share with you on her craft works.

See ya'

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  1. I still can't get over with seeing kawan Faiz so hungry, hehe so cute :). I'm hungry now too!. Faiz, have a great year @ school!


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