Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hi there! I don't think I will have a sound sleep tonight. Just want to write cos I'm really bored in my room now. Lucky enough I brought a story book with me but the lights in the room is pretty dim and my eyes are getting a lil' bit watery from reading now. There's no tv, but that's fine really. I just have to play my collection of songs in my iPad or iPhone. The resort where I'm staying now is just a couple of meters away from the beach and I don't think it's a good idea to stay too near to the beach especially during the monsoon season. The waves are so strong and the tides are coming and, the sound; well its like a big roaring machine out there. I don't think I will get a good sleep tonight. That's fine, I can sleep during the flight home tomorrow.

I'm sleepy's a photo of the beach in Tioman. At the point where I stood and took this picture earlier at around 6pm; the water has already risen and covered the sand completely now at 10pm.

Be back tomorrow with crafting work. I will try an upload my completed ATCs, which I did recently. They are of these series:
1) Vintage Faces
2) Time Waits For No 1
3) Bird Cage
4) Frosted Memory

Good night and sleep tight!

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  1. Listening to the sound of the waves are always to relaxing. I just came back from Penang and I love it too! Wishing you a good trip home tomorrow!


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