Sunday, May 13, 2012

Of knitting and crochet

Hi there! This post is dedicated to my mother.

Isn't the bootie too cute? No, I didn't make that. My mom did. She's a very talented lady. And she is absolutely superb when it comes to knitting and crocheting. I have never asked my mom on how and when she actually started, but I remember when I was small; she made me the prettiest red cardigan ever! When I went abroad to study; whoaaa... I have loads of knitted sweaters, mufflers, mittens, gloves, hats in my trunk!

My mom has all kinds of crochet and knitting books, even in Japanese. According to her, the European ones are easier to understand whilst the Japs uses lots of diagrams. I'm not sure what she really meant. She taught me to knit once and I remember these words..." knit and perl " (or was it pearl?). I only went as far as a muffler cos that's the most basic and It was a monotonous design. Even that, I did it half way through. Lol!

(above is a close shot of the baby bonnet - I love the pattern!. It would look so much better if I had used my macro lens...haha. She finished this one off with a cute pink ribbon)

I pestered my mom to make me these crochet doilies for my scrapbook ..hehehe...we went to the bookstore one day to find new designs since it has been quite a long time she did one. Normally, for crochet, she would do the table spread, chairbacks, and even my tumbler carrier ( when I was in the kindie).

My mom knows which is the best material to use for her creation for example, she would choose the softest wool to knit baby booties, bonnet, cardigan or even mittens. And they are normally expensive!

I wish I can knit and crochet just like her. Deep inside, I still hope that I can learn these skills from her ( when I have enough time and!). Above all, she's the greatest mother in the whole wide universe!

Happy Mother's Day!

And next, i'm going to post my work on an Ikea frame. Ciao!



  1. Does it come in MY size? hehe... WOWWW!. Super talented mom. My late mom doesn't crochet but she could sew & did patchwork. She loved Japanese mags too :)). Happy Mothers Day to you dear.

  2. It has been ages I tak singgah sini Nida, how are you? gorgeous layout and nice work by your mom. I used to do last time but now lupa dah la...Happy Mother's Day to you too..and see you soon.


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