Thursday, May 10, 2012

We are never alone - a scrapbook layout

We are never alone - a map to the celestial heavens

Hola! Today's layout is simple and it's about the celestial heavens. I'm actually inspired by a work by Shahrul Niza from Such a Pretty Canvas on her Super Moon journal. I'm glad that she opens up a link tool for this. Lol! And I'm glad that I can share this one passion of mine now.

I have always been a fan of Astronomy 101... Hehe... and now that I have my son who seems to share the same interest with me (even though he's just 6!), I am just delighted. We always look up to the sky at night especially when it's clear and look for the Orion, Sirius, Capella, Venus , Jupiter etc etc. Now, he knows how Orion looks like and he knows the name of its brightest stars like the supergiant Betelguese and Rigel. He is able to recognize Venus; for it always being the brightest at night. We always talked about what's beyond this and the galaxy of ours.

My son's first knowledge of the galaxy wasn't actually from me. Ha ha. Guess what!? Yeahh.. He's an ardent fan of the Ultraman series! If you are following the Ultraman series (really?!!), you would know that these Ultramans come from a galaxy called the M78. And! M78 does exis and it's just within the Orion constellation
( err...if my memory serves me well lah )

{don't worry, I always ask this question too!-and I BELIEVE that we are never alone out here. Is there another Asgard out there?
Another Jotunheim maybe? }

To top it all, we are also fans of mostly the alien movies. My long time favourite was always the X-Files! I would love being Det. Scully and work along Mulder, ohhh yess...! The search for the ancient astronauts...aliens.....woohoo....( ok, now I'm being weird )

For this layout, I am so compelled to use a photo that I have been keeping for so long. It's a photo of my late grandfather, who was a land surveyor standing behind our late 1st PM (TAR). This photo was taken when they wanted to decide the direction of Qiblat for the National Mosque in KL. And..hehe.., I'm assuming that they have gone a lil' bit further by zooming in on the moon as! The Super Moon!

My grandfather was a very disciplined man and stern when it comes to education. I remembered him being a collector of books; all kinds of books. I remembered him teaching me the trigonometry, the Pythagoras and etc.hehe.. I remembered how difficult it was for him to understand the Malay terms in maths since at his time; it was all in English.

{can you see the Orion constellation? And that's the red supergiant - Betelguese and in reality; i think it's more than a hundred times bigger than our Sun!. How cool is that! - ok, call me weird but i think it's so cool! )

" aaahh...yes Ahmad! The moon is so big from here" - I think this is what TAR would say to my grandfather if they were really zooming in on the moon and the stars! Were they?

A bit on this layout now. I have used a Papyrus that I have been keeping for about 15 years. It's one of my Preciousssss. I used to go to a museum in Manchester and buy all sorts of Egyptians stuffs. Have you ever wondered who really built the Pyramids with such great precision??

I have also used the Spinner from Tim Holtz's Ideology and placed it as a compass at the centre of the layout. The metal key is from Kaisercraft and the fabric measuring tape is Prima's.

So, there you are. The story of the moon and the stars.

Thanks for stopping by! Ciao!


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