Friday, May 18, 2012

Hurting finger

Just uploaded this on Instagram today. Loving insta and pinterest of late.

Wanna see how this mobile blogging works too on d blog.

Story of a hurting finger. Thought it was arthritis or something but doc said could possibly due to repetitive injury caused by constant use of the computer mouse. Injury at work! How's that! Kewl!

Wonder if can claim ze' compensation! lol! It's causing daily discomfort and gets worst when it's cold. Poor lil' finger.

Anyways, enough ramblings and I need to resume work cos I wanna go home early today and do some shopping! yippee... ( mr hubby, if u read this; no not buying anything larr.. Window shop jer ). *wink*



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  1. Ouch. You should try using pen tablet or one of those joystick as replacement. Pen tablet is awesome! I used it for 2 years already )).


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