Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tags for Bookmarks

Hola! Hope you are in the best of health! As for me, well, been busy with mostly work and a little bit of crafting. My cousin came over to the house to collect her wedding guest book. She was delighted. I was so glad. Thank goodness when she said that it fits her exact requirements. Ha ha. So,let's see how the book is going to be filled up this Saturday night.

Today's post is on tags for bookmarks. Ordered by another cousin, who's soon will be having a farewell party with her closest friends.I'm not quite sure where she will be moving next. Have not fully understand the details from her. Bu I do know somehow that she's moving up the career path.

These bookmarks were requested to be done with a simple specific theme to them. Flora & Fauna. She's into elephants and Orang Asli (Ana, you do right?). I think she must have been to the elephants sanctuary in Kuala Gandah and the Orang Asli villages numerous times. I didn't get to ask her in details of her interesting work cos we are both busy mommies. lol! Whenever she dropped by our house with her 2 year old plus son; she would be busy chasing him around. Ha ha. But I can judge from the last visit, you do have a bit more time now yes? No? Lol!

Anyways Ana,I do hope you like these bookmarks I have created with the flora and fauna theme in mind. I like them too.I'm a flora & fauna enthusiast too myself but in a more subtler way. Hehe...not A hard core like her. Why not?? I even cried watching Jungle Book! ( weird, does that count? But my hubby thinks that I'm such a weirdo). I cried watching "I forgot the name" movie about a wild fox with his young master who's a gold miner. Let me see if can recall the title. I got sad when i watch those artic dogs pulling the sledge ( though maybe they are having fun after all!).

Say no to animal slavery! ( but I guess that last bit on arctic dogs is not animal slavery after all, is it?)

Besides the flora & fauna theme, she also wanted me to add 'words of wisdom'-(ayat2 power gitu...haaa....nahh kau!hehe...). Like the one below ' No birds soars too high if he soars with his own wings'. Any takers to that?

This one below is my personal favourite.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a nice day! Ciao!

(p/s: have a heavy task tonight to prepare something for a last minute Teachers day celebration at my son's kindie! How could they informed us at the very last minute! Anyways, we'll see....)

Materials used:

Inks: Distress inks, colour wash-rangers

Texture paste: Martha S

Dies: Tim Holtz

Stamps: Stampers anonymous

Flowers: Prima

Buttons: various suppliers


  1. Lovely tags! The bird tag is also my favorite! Oh oh, you cannot watch 'Hachi'. I cried all the way and funny that my cat Arthur sniffing my wet face in wonder. I think he almost worried.

  2. nice, I love tags and your tags are totally beautiful!

  3. Beautiful flower and flora tags! Each of the tags has it's own style!


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