Friday, May 18, 2012

Love - a photo frame

Hi there! I bought a few of this Ikea frames quite some time back. I just love this frame. You can neatly tuck in flowers, embellishments inside without them collecting dust later; though they are kinda bulky. This is my last one and thinking of getting another tomorrow.

So today, I want to share a new one from me entitled Love. An old photo of me and my mother. I was probably around 3-4 years old. (quality of photo isn't that good cos of the lighting and glass covering on the frame!). This was during a birthday party for me and my two cousins.

Apart from doing some craft works, a day time job; I have a new task in hand. I am now scanning all the old photos in a way to better preserve them. You know how old photos are like. Yellowish as they aged. Though it seems pretty daunting a task, I really need to start slowly and steadily on it; before I can't even see who's who in the photos. In this way too, I will have more photos to use for my craft projects. Lol!

A bit on this frame. Papers are mostly from Webster's Pages; from the old range and the new one. Apart from the flowers -Prima and the resin white shabby frame- Melissa Frances; all the other embellies are from Webster's Pages. I've not used any paints here ( no wonder my hands feel itchy when I was doing this - feels strange without inks or paints ) except for the Dimensional Paint Pearl by Ranger.

I wish can do this for a lot more photos. It's really fun when the soon you've decided to use which photo, you then start looking at which papers to use to create its own special story. Special to you.

It's 10:37pm now and as long as I'm awake, the little one will too since he knows tomorrow is holiday!. So, I'm gonna have to pretend to be sleepy, switch of the lights and zzzz away. I'll wake up when I'm sure he's already asleep to do more crafting. Lol!

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  1. were such a cutie. I can never cheat my cats, they know!!. Beautiful shadow box, LOVE the flowers.

  2. Hi Nida!! Wow this is beautiful!! Did you see the BIG (bigger than 12X12) version of the frame? I remember I was so tempted to buy, very nice if we hang on the wall. The size is like 4x of the normal 12X12. How are you? Have a great weekend! I have been super busy lately.


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