Thursday, April 18, 2013

Flowers in our garden

Hello and Happy Thursday. Sharing with you the lovely flowers around the house.
These are planted by my parents. Occasionally, my parents would go to Sg Buloh to buy plants. Sg Buloh is a place quite near our home where it's famous for selling all sorts of plants and potteries. I'm not a 'green' person but I noticed that as I get older, I tend to look more at the trees and the flowers and even the skies. Okay..minus the sky cos that's been my habit ever!
So, feast your eyes to the colours below!
(Photos taken through my iPhone ..).
Next posting will be on leaves!



  1. WOW!!!. LOVE your your garden. The flowers are amazing, roses and everything. I want to camp in your garden, pleaseeee :). Your iPhone photos are so great!. Can't wait to see foliage!!. I second that, being older make us wiser I guess, back to nature :).

  2. Beautiful flowers, aren't they? Love all of them and as spring is coming up, our tulips and daffodils in the garden are peeking out too!


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