Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Back to nature...

Hi there! I think I had a blissful Saturday. We spent most of the mornings outdoor in the garden and DS showed his talent at gardening by helping out Atok (grandpa) and Nenek ( grandma) with the plants. That's when he will become the best of friends with Atok. Lol! Funny guy!

Sharing few photos of last weekends' activities just outside our door.

(Remember the previous post on the leaves that seems undecided to live or die? This one has yellow markings starting from the edge)

(Should have rotate the picture. Lol! Love the purple!)

( I think this rose is dying. Is it?)

(Mom called this the 'kesidang' flower. You would probably know it better as day lily. It was just starting to bloom when I took this picture.)
(Ahah! Managed to capture this guy busily eating another fella !)

( looks like banana leaves but it's not)

( tiny fan-like leaves with black stems)

(This is bougainvillea. Always have that small white flower in every bunch)

( don't you think this one looks like leather skin?)

( oh hi Mom! Busy nampak?!)

( the leaves sprout at alternate heights.. work of nature!)

( better view here on how the leaves sprouts from the stem at alternate distance and height.)
(The youngs sprouts from the edge of the older ones. Cool eh?)
(The master gardener, my father and his little assistant. )
(Combo of red and yellows)
(White and purple)
( all white )

( oh, and now the little assistant is in full view. Complete with gloves and all....)

(Lime tree)

(This one is big!)

( a big help to my father he was on that day. So he told me... Lol!)

Okay, that's all I have to share. Thanks for the patience to read this far.

See ya next time.


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  1. Oh WOW, your garden is spacious and so many beautiful flowers. Large trees outside give some shade to the plants too, I think :). No wonder little gardener had fun assisting, so many pots to dig :). Do you have a kitchen garden too??. Just today, I tried potting chilly pepper & spinach from seeds. Lets just hope they survives and sprout in my tiny window garden.


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