Thursday, April 11, 2013

Zentangle + mandala?

Hi there! Sharing with you today my new zentangle + mandala. It's raining cats and dogs out there and the time is 5 minutes to 7pm ( at the time of writing!). I'm waiting to go home but the thought of the traffic out there, gosh, I better linger here a bit more. At least I can spend time blogging and browsing through the Internet. Yayy!

So, yes, my mandala and zentangle combo. This Moleskine notebook of mine I carry with me everywhere in my loyal handbag. This moleskine notebook is thin and very light hence a good purchase though a bit expensive. The paper is rather thin hence making it no so suitable for watercolouring. I almost tear the paper when I tried once. But maybe with little less water, it should be ok. I guess. Lol!

Stay tune for more! Thanks for stopping by!



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